I miss Manitoba mosquitoes

I will be back in Manitoba for UCW in Brandon on Sep 9th. Discuss!

at the risk of destroying manitoba's reputation, there are very few of the little critters around, i've probably been bitten less than a dozen times this year and i am not exagerrating - it is crazy!

wasps on the other hand are out in full force...

it'll be good to see you again wombat!

lol MTG

i use neither deep woods nor shampoo...nor soap for that matter

maybe it is the BO that keeps the bugs away...or possibly the fumes from my overflowing septic tank

No skeeters this year at all. But like Curtis said....wasps are REtarded this summer.

Here in BC, the mosquitoes are too stoned to fly, and even if they weren't they are all vegetarians anyway.

Fyi, mosquitos don't bite Curtis because he's so pale and skinny, they don't think he has any blood in him.

It'll be cool to see all the Manitoba peeps again.


It's true, mosquitoes are non-existent and Curtis in fact dose not use soap!

Wasps are stupid!

Looking forward to the Wombats return!

You doing play by play for this one?

I would say that the East side of Saskatchewan - heading West along the Trans Canada - has more bugs for about 150 kms - than any other place in Canada other than the Northern bits. After about 15 minutes (when it is becoming dusk) you will NEED to clean the windshield. Unbelievable quantity.

Hey Wombat, I have a story for you. My girlfriend had a going away BBQ for me before I left for brazil this year.

Later that night her neighbor arrived home from the bar with two friends. So we invited them over for a drink. Well the GUY that her neighbor brought over was putts and started to piss on her grass about ten feet from where everyone was sitting.

Someone told him that he was an idiot and that the owners boyfriend knows Jiu Jitsu. LOL!!! I was in to good of a mood (Drunk!) to say anything to the idiot.

But after all this the neighbor says I use to date a "Jiu Jitsu Guy" and his name is Jeff. I was oh ya I heard this one before. She then told me that they call him Wombat. I said I know him!!!!! (DRUNK!!)

Well, after reading and seeing your name on the underground and the articles on MMA Report so often I feel like I know you. I thought it was very funny and what a small world. Just thought that I would share that with you.


The Wombat has dated all girls

Small world

who hasn't dated wombat?

i hear his terradactyl screech is irresistable to women


I heard he stands seven feet tall and shoots lightning out of his arse! Doesn't he have a kid in every province across Canada?

wombats da man. Chix diggim.

Wombat dates girls?

When you're as popular with the ladies as I am, that sort of thing is bound to happen.

Now, a tale to demonstrate just how charming I am;

Once, I was Christmas shopping with a girl I happened to be "dating" and she was buying toys for her neice, and she wanted to get a little foam soccer ball. So she picked it up and asked me "Do you think this would hurt if it were to hit someone"? So, I I took it from her and rocketed it off her forehead. You should have seen it. I nailed her right in the dome, and then the ball richoched up and hit the ceiling of the store. Then, sensing the timing was right, I asked her "Well, did that hurt"? And she said it didn't. She had her answer. Strangely, she and I parted ways after that, but I still laugh about that story to this very day.

The end.

LOL what better way to test if they are a wuss or not

Not your fault she couldn't take a joke

I'd have paid money to see that

Seriously, if someone hands you a ball and says "Would this hurt if it hit me in the head"? What do you do?

I say give them the answer.

After some inquiry; I got this e-mail ...

Yeah, that was us. I was not impressed at all by the "guy" either. He was a guy my friend Michele had picked up. Thought he was a pretty big deal since he worked for Corner Gas.
I kind of wish AJ had said/done something. Then maybe he wouldn't have stuck around all night.

I would like to add, for the record, that the girl at the BBQ was not the girl who I nailed with the ball.