I miss my friend

Summer sun burnin my

Wind is… my friend now.

Rain is starting to pour.

I’m just, trying to-a make it home.

Tuesday’s just too long…

Too far away.

Counselor, let’s take a ride.

Rev these motors til we’re gone.

No more sundaes, no more ball…

The good die young.

Like a broken mug of beer…

Is it a shame, a waste of money, or both…

No fits from this old bird.

Life doesn’t measure flight, but I stayed high.

I loved a bit much.

It cost me a few tolls…

I stayed true to me and that’s all I have to stay.

Lets roll and fuck them all the way.

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I see I’m not the only one up late, grappling with loss.


No sir, you are not.

Many losses. And not enough time to mourn them all.

But that’s how it goes, is it not?

We are here to suffer those lost and carry on their best qualities…


Fuck all of you cuz I’m the MOST miserable



Amen to that. I just hope, when my time comes, I was even half the parent to mine that my mother was to me.

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evh flipped the cunt dial to 11 again? He’s good for that.

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That’s exactly the goal! Do more good than harm.

In the end, that’s it. I want to have done more good than harm.

Thus far, I’m in the green. So are you, I’m certain.

Just a matter of keeping it that way until we croak!

See that?

I am the perfect gentleman!

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I don’t understand being a cunt to someone in a setting that you shouldn’t act that way. Some of these guys are miserable losers though beyond their screennames. Thankfully they are in the minority here when it comes time to either shut up or show empathy.


South African Rhodesians ain’t got shit on me, KREEKI JEENS!!

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If his brain left his body and was headed for the door, would you take it in and help it find its way into a jar? NOPE!

Fuck it. Let it hop around a maze. We can see who’s really lost when the schadenfreude fades!!!

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You and Kevin remind me of a real life Andy and Red. RIP Kevin

First lemme say RIP kevin but 2 things stick out here.

I’m surprised altofsky smokes and what kinda grumpy old italian guy says “bet”??

As for your life expectancy outlook, my great grandfather worked 43 years in Pittsburgh steel mills, almost made it to 92. His wife made it to 99, her twin sister died at 96. Something about that PA air keeps people kicking a long time.

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Be fortunate you were able to make such a friendship. I’m finding it IMPOSSIBLE to make friends or keep the ones I have as they all drift away with their own projects and families.

I have one good friend from HS that i’ve been friends with since Freshman year. He’s like a brother to me. Because I have that one friend I feel fortunate.

I read an interesting article that middle aged American men are more isolated and lonely than ever. A quick trip to South America will cure that tho! haha.

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