i missed TUF last night

i actually have missed the last two weeks but who fought this week and how was the fight?

Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera: 2 rnd Snooze fest. Taylor won and basicly held down Rivera for both rounds. Poor performance by both guys. Over-training probably had alot to do with it.

Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown: Not the most technical fight but both guys just went for it. First round was all stand up. Brown was throwing everything he had at Amir but Amir's chin ate it all up. Amir landed a great knee to the side/liver and you could hear Brown let out a gasp and drop immediately for the takedown. The second round Brown came out swinging again and Amir's chin holds up great. Brown is gassing, which probably had alot to do with the knee from the 1st rnd. Eventually Amir gets the fight to the ground and mounts Brown and delivers a few punches and elbows. Brown would get Amir back to guard or half-guard but Amir would just mount Brown again. After a scramble Amir locks in a triangle to force the tap. Good fight, I found it exciting and was happy to see a go for broke effort by both fighters.

Amir is the best 0-0 fighter I've ever seen.



It was a damn good fight.

I agree with Mr Smiff, though I didn't think the Taylor/Rivera fight was that bad. Jesse imposed his will and controlled the positions.

The Brown/Sadollah fight was pretty sweet. I thought Matt was coming close to finishing Amir a few times. Props to him....it's not that he's a warrior, like some kind of mean and tough SOB, but his VERY flexible and relaxed attitude that is reflected in his personality comes out in his fighting. He never panicked and appeared to come close to thinking about quitting.