I need a green name

I was curious as to how I would get a green name...My name is Artie (Aristides) Brito and you can look up my record on Full Contact Fighter....

It's that easy ?


what events have you fought in? I can't find you on Sherdog.

Oh boy, well, I've fought for Reality Combat in Louisiana, WEF,RSF,RSF(that's Reality Super Fights and Reality Submision fighting)Superbrawl, man, I don't remember the names of all the shows. I've been fighting since 1998, and my first pro fight was in Oct. of '99 at World Extreme Fighting 7. I've fought a lot of fights. I should be on Sherdog or FCFF.com. It may be under Aristides Brito, or Artie Brito, or Arti Brito, or Artie Britto. I've got almost as many mispellings of my name as I have fights. My record is 16 wins, 17 losses.

I have seen him fight a bunch of times, hell he has been fighting longer than I have been training :).

The man speaks the truth


Also...hows your training charles??? Hope to see some fights of yours next year! Keep trainin hard! I hope you have a great holiday :)

you also need a post count over 100 before kirik will give it too you - get to work!

no shit, I used to see Arti fight while I was still in high school. The first time I trained with him I remember thinking, "Damn I saw him fight professionally when I was 15."

"16 wins 17 losses maybe you should stop fighting"


i hope You get ray a green name while your at it Artie!

Thank you. I've been waiting to get a nickname before coming back to the fight game, and now I have one.

what do you call a guy with 30+ professional fights, and a .500 record. Dangerous. A tough guy who likes to fight.

Artie is a tough dude. Been watching him for years.

"vitor baroni" = real ghey

I remember you Artie, you fought in Canton IL against Derrick Noble in his first MMA fight.

U can have mine, I don't really want it

I reffed his fight with Bill Perez when Chad Saunders beat Karl Schmidt in the main event that evening. He's legit and can have mine too Mikey, I haven't fought in years. Merry Christmas one and all.


Artie's been around a while. Needs a green name.