I need a mod for this please

I have PM'd Kirik twice and have received no response on this.

This is a weird problem I am having. When I write the word style (s.t.y.l.e) it doesn't show up. It might be showing up for other people and I might be the only one experiencing this problem but can someone at least let me know that I'm not going crazy?

Style is a word that I use fairly regularly in here because styles make fights and everyone is always talking about that.

Can a mod let me know if anyone else is having this problem or if I'm the only one who has mentioned it?


It appears to just be happening in the UG. After I posted this, I noticed that " showed up so I tested it again in another thread in the UG and it didn't show up again.

This is the weirdest shit.

Anyone else having this issue?

There it goes again. I typed the word in quotes and only one quotation mark showed up.

Maybe it is working in a first post of a new thread but not in any other comments....

TEST ---> <--- TEST

Yep. It's fucked.

So I'm not sure how to fix this? Do I need to do a work-around or is it just me?

Are you saying that it looks to the website like I'm saying something bad or something? What are the certain other characters?

Thanks for your help.