I Need a New Charlie Sheen

Just like the title says. What celeb is going to step up and be comically insane without having to invoke politics?

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Lets see who has the balls to drink tiger blood.

Who’s out there with that sort of potential though? RDJ maybe if he falls off the wagon
Shai has always been crazy, he’d need to step it up a few notches to reach Charlie Sheen levels.
Who else?

Micheal Cera

That kid turned Juno into a dude, he’s got demons.


Tom Cruise is still too bankable and not looking at a lifetime of syndication money no matter what he says or does, but he has a similar manic potential. .

Star Trek GIF

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Joe Rogan. That motherfuckr is a ticking time bomb

Billy Bob Thornton?

Good call. Rogan has that deep inner anger and self hatred of a comedian or comic actor. but even though he probably does now have “fuck you money”, does he actually FEEL like he has enough fuck you money to go off?

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I feel like Joey Diaz could do it as like an encore performance but you would have to get him to divorce his wife, go back on the coke and not let people like Rogan lecture him about poor choices.

Doug Stanhope could rage if you sent lots of sexy hookers to his house, kept his crazy girlfriend away and got him on TRT and made sure he ate plenty of read meat and introduced him to weights. He would need a friend like Diaz off the wagon to and as partners and crime they could do damage.

I like both those comedians so I would not like to see them spiral out of control though.

How about Bam Margera? I don’t like him, he can spiral downward all he wants, seems to be out there already but he does not give fun interviews like Charlie, he is just more of a whinny bitch type from what I can tell.

Theo Von is in decent shape, he’s probably got the stamina for an epic relapse binge.

Elon musk

Elon Musk does seem a bit manic, but I think of him more like crazy like a fox. He’ll act crazy to manipulate the market, but he wont do anything to harm himself.

I think between his age and TDS, we really missed an opportunity with Alec Baldwin.

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I can start a GFM. The fame thing should be easy after that.