I need a new phone

I have AT& T and still rock a Razor. I want to get a new phone to finally get me into the text world with the rest of the planet and some internet access would be nice. What do I want?

iPhone 4 is great. If you're up for a contract renewal I'd defiantly get it. Samsung galaxy is nice too. Phone Post

 I have a Samsung Magnet with a huge crack in the screen and I wouldn't trade it for a brand new iPhone or Blackberry.

Before this phone, I had a Razr for like 5 years. The only reason I don't still use that one is because my ball sweat ruined it.

iPhone Phone Post

I'll tell you this... 4 other people in my house have android phones, with 3 different phone companies, and their shit is always freezing up. My iPhone has never frozen up. Phone Post

Zilla you have always been a cheep bastard


And seriously, iPhones are stable and all, (they better be, they've been working on that OS for like 30 years now) but they're probably not going to be worth the money to you if you were willing to settle on a Razr for this long. You'd probably be just as satisfied with whatever free phone they're offering now.

Lol @ that post from TRITON up there! Phone Post

I'm pretty happy with my Tilt, it makes phone calls and sends texts and can access all of my email accounts...I can play Solitaire, Sudoku, and Poker on it. No data plan necessary, I can access any un-secured wi-fi signal to get done what I need to(which are everywhere, unless you're at Jamo's house). Sure it's old...but it does what I need it to do.

 Waiting out my contract then switching to At&T so I can get that iphone...

One drawback to touch-screen phones, Zilla..."full" cheeks with beards don't mix well with some touchscreen phones, I've learned this recently.

Did you just say that Zilla is too fat for an iPhone? Phone Post

I would never say that! I just implied...

Pete is indeed correct. I am a cheap bastard. I just want something good enough to text, e-mail, and web access but don;t want to pay $100/mo for data plans. My contract is up so I can get a free or discounted phone. I don't give a crap about MP3's or storing data.

 I have FyreTV hooked up to a 57 inch HDTV.

Watching porn on an iPhone is as useless to me as a porno magazine.