I need a new playlist

for my time in the gym. I've had the same one for like 3 months now, and it's time to add to it. It leans toward the faster stuff - Pillar, Disturbed, Yellowcard, RATM, etc. I'd love some suggestions.


Here's a few suggestions, taken from my winamp playlist (which is why they're in alphabetical order)

AC/DC - Hells Bells

Agnostic Front - Crucified

Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet

Alice in Chains - Rooster

Anthrax - I Am The Law

At The Gates - The Fevered Circle

Burial - Disfigured In Flames

Burnt By The Sun - You Will Move

Celtic Frost - Necromantical Screams

Death - Choke On It

Deicide - Standing In The Flames

Demons & Wizards - Gallows Pole

Dio - We Rock

Exodus - And Then There Were None

Exodus - Bonded By Blood

Gamma Ray - Gardens Of The Sinner

Hammerfall - Heeding The Call

Iced Earth - Burning Times

In Flames - Pinball Map

Iron Maiden - Die With Your Boots On

Iron Maiden - Brave New World

Iron Maiden - The Wickerman

Iron Maiden - Paschendale

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Jacob's Dream - Violent Truth

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance

Lizzy Borden - Eyes Of A Stranger

Lizzy Borden - There Will Be Blood Tonight

Lizzy Borden - Hell Is For Heroes

Mercyful Fate - At The Sound Of The Demon Bell

Mercyful Fate - Come To The Sabbath

Mercyful Fate - Curse Of The Pharaohs

Mercyful Fate - Holy Water

Mercyful Fate - Into The Coven

Metal Church - Fake Healer

Morbid Angel - At One With Nothing

Nevermore - Believe In Nothing

Nuclear Assault - Hang The Pope

Nuclear Assault - Brain Death

Papa Roach - Last Resort

Queensryche - Breaking The Silence

Queensryche - The Lady Wore Black

Queensryche - The Needle Lies

Queensryche - Walk In The Shadows

Ratt - Back For More

Rob Zombie - Scum of The Earth

Savatage - Grace Of The Witch

Savatage - Edge of Thorns

Savatage - Scream Murder

Sentenced - Killing Me, Killing You

Sentenced - Dead Moon Rising

Sentenced - The Suicider

Sentenced - I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. cover)

Slayer - Hell Awaits

Slayer - Dead Skin Mask

Slayer - South of Heaven

Slayer - Expendable Youth

Slayer - Chemical Warfare

S.O.D. - Speak English or Die

Suicidal Tendencies - No Fuck'n Problem At All

Suicidal Tendencies - Trip At The Brain

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Testament - D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

Venom - Don't Burn The Witch

Warlock - All We Are


Old Metalica, Decendants, Pennywise, AFI, Rage, Black Sabath

Get the new Ministry album...amazing.


The Distillers.

Still Remains are pretty good, even though they'd probably be considered metal-core by most people. They kinda remind me of In Flames, who are pretty f'in good.

funny, you can definitely tell people's ages by there playlists ; )

Ned? Ned Ryerson?


can we smell the metal in the air?


"Ned? Ned Ryerson?"

Phil? Phil Connors?



Andrew W.K. gets me pumped like no other, that and Drowning Pool.

VNV Nation

That is all.

"Jonwell - Ned? Ned Ryerson?"

Made me laugh out loud. I thought you meant as in this same thread is created 40 times a week. It was a suitably abstract quip. Most enjoyable.

Then I noticed it was in reference to the name above - maybe William Blake is right, the beauty of the rainbow may be lost if we look too closely and learn that its simply colour frequency spectrum.

My time spent training has taught me that you need music that has talking, then loud guitars and yelling. For some reason, the talking always comes first. The subject matter can range from a general overview of the vocalist's bad-ass-ness, to his intent to deal harshly with all the liars and cheaters in the world, including you.

There's apparently a metal band that uses pit bulls barking as the vocal track. That would probably be the quintessential MMA music, especially if they'd use an underwater mike to add in a shark burbling. If you can't find those guys, you might ask your spotter to shout slogans at you whenever you hit a sticking point. Ideally, these slogans should reference pit bulls, sharks, or both.

Make sure the tempo of the music syncs up with whatever pace you use to stomp around and glare at the other people in the gym. If it doesn't, the problem may be with your stomping.

If you lift at home, I recommend Kelly Clarkson, but only her second album.

I hope this helps.