I need a professional resume. Help

As stated. I need a professional resume created. I know alot of companies run these through some sort of software looking for keywords and whatnot. Any resources out their to do this? I will pay and I do not want to do it myself. Phone Post 3.0

About me: Highly motivated.

forrestfan - About me: Highly motivated.
About me: I Excel at low pressure jobs with minimal responsibilities. Phone Post 3.0

Microsoft word: resume templates
Google: effective resumes Phone Post 3.0

ThunderlipsTapped - Microsoft word: resume templates
Google: effective resumes Phone Post 3.0
Yeah, then I have to do it. Phone Post 3.0

what field?

Ryazzo -

what field?

Well, I've been in the maintenance mechanics trade for along time, I'm 38 now. I also have prior mechanical experience in the Air Force. Last year I completely my bachelor degree, which is in management/bussiness. Around my area is mostly manufacturing plants. I'm not moving until my kids are grown and on their way. Phone Post 3.0

I spent a few months in Presidential Personnel when I was a White House intern (dead serous).

Pick up this book. It's out of print, but you can get it for four bucks.


If you get a rough framework put together, I will be happy to polish it for you...

Here is a great article on resume writing.

'Google' "My Personal Formula for a Winning Resume | Laszlo Bock | LinkedIn"

Lastly, I recommend building your resume in a table.  Doing so will help keep your content aligned & structured.


So you want a job, but don't want to do any work to get it.

Maybe leave that out the conversation during any job interviews. It's not exactly a strong selling point Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0