I need a song

umm I need a nice relaxing song to but on my e-folio have any opinions?

like something in the background? acoustic? electronic?...?

how about "dayvan cowboy" by boards of canada

The Old 97's, The Other Shoe.

Michael Hedges - Sofa No. 1.

Whats an e folio?

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"good night" by the Beatles. Meant to be relaxing, anyway.

But how the heck to we know what relaxes you? I find most new age music, like most muzak, and much Vivaldi, absolutely irritating.

One of my favorite all time mellow songs is "Dimming of the Day" by Richard and Linda Thompson. But it is, if you listen to it, a desperate and heartwrenching love song. So might not relax anyone, depending on what stage of poon-scorage they're in (to oversimplify).

Ok, now that I'm done with my rant...

try "Living with the Law" by Chris Whitley. If that's too lively, try "ooh baby baby" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. IF that's too emotional try any of the "abmient" albums by Brian Eno. They're numbered. Probably Ambient 4, "Days of Radiance" with Laraaji is my favorite. Ambient 1, "Music for Airports" is the most innocuous, I think.

i dont know what your into but On the Run from KMK is pretty good and relaxing