I NEED a tactical fleshlight! TME

That's right, regular light just ain't good enough for this OG'er! Ok, I don't NEED one and I just want a cheap tight as fuck fleshlight

Just for cumming, maybe for an emergency. So what's a good CHEAP, insanely tight fleshlight? Phone Post 3.0

I always thought those fleshy tubes at Spencer ' s that yoy can squeeze with your hands (with an opening in them) would feel amazing on your cack. Try that homie.....forget what they're called....maybe gel snakes? Phone Post 3.0

9.5 Phone Post 3.0

Paper towel roll, latex glove, masking tape. Phone Post 3.0


Not bad OP. Phone Post 3.0

In for research Phone Post 3.0

Ted Wasanasan - ever stick your cack in a can of playdoh?

No, tell me more!

Ghengiseanie - Best you by two hours. Phone Post 3.0

Don't be salty, sounds like YOU could use a tight, tactical fleshlight to blow off some steamen.