I need a wholesale Gi account for my school


After teaching for 3 years out of a Karate Dojo I finally took the leap and opened my own school. He handled all the purchasing for the students and sold BJJ Uniforms from Century Martial Arts.

They were ok entry level gi's but I was not really that into them. Now I need a good supplier for my new students as well as current students who need a 2nd gi.

Any ideas as to who I can go to for a wholesale account?

1. They need to have an affordable entry level gi.
2. It would cool if they had nicer "competition" gi's.
3. As I am not a huge school (yet) the price of entry into the wholesale program must be low.

Thanks for the help!


PM me, I got a hookup that might be able to help you.

Gameness has always been great for me and some other school owners I know. Great products and great service. I am biased now because their newer models (Elite, Feather) are tailor made for my body type, but regardless, I recommend them. Phone Post

Gameness for sure!

gameness 4 sure


Tell him I sent you

Cheap and good - HSU
Allows for a good mark up. I actually made less money on the more expensive gis. Comes with a white belt!

Cheap and good when in stock - Adidas uniforms from Century. Century is beyond a doubt the best company for customer service, not screwing up orders, and shipping out quick. Problem is, the Adidas ones are all out of stock at Century right now. I don't like the regular Century brand jiujitsu gis.

Cheap and Mid level - Fuji. Good uniforms, but I had nightmare service from Hatishita Sports. I hear Kodokan Gear is ok but I haven't used them myself.

"Cheap" gis now are in the $70-$90 range.

Sirius Kimonos from www.siriusathletic.com

They have Singles, Golds and Ultra Light Golds that you can stock and get to your people for about $100. Great service too.

Tell them Fletch sent you.

Contact Matt at Built to fight/OTM Phone Post

Talk to Nick at Subculture

I wouldn't advise anyone to deal with Sirius.


Good quality gis and rash guards.
Tell him Carlos you spoke with Chris Phone Post

Carlos at terrinhajj@hotmail.com
His website is caxcudo.com

Good quality, tell him you spoke with Chris Phone Post

FirstScratch - I wouldn't advise anyone to deal with Sirius.

Can you give reasons why? Is it the product itself? Other?

They burned quite a few people last spring during one of their sales. Sent out a bunch of old stock and factory seconds. They took care of a few people, ducked the rest, no email, no phone, and laid low for a few months. Blamed it all on moving. Now they're trying to go about business as usual like nothing happened. Bottom line, they dumped a bunch of shit product on unsuspecting customers and ran. Not the actions of any company I would recommend or purchase from again.

Good info guys...

HCK was one of my first purchases WAY back in the day. I just felt they might be out of reach for a starter gi. Especially for a kids gi.

I will drop them an email, as well as some of the others mentioned. Keep the info coming!



gi supplier to Fernando Terere, good quality and a good price

I'm gonna get the name of the gis our instructor sells. I've been impressed with the quality. I don't own one, but a lot of folks are buying them and they seem to last. He's selling them for $85 and I know he is making money off them.

Check out submission fight co. There a new company but there Gi's are great and there good dudes great customer service. I highly recommend there Gi's.. Phone Post

Hatashita spots. Fuji is their house brand and probably the cheapest BJJ style gi out there. $70 MSRP. Wholesale is cheaper.