after a slow start, the BJJ Atlas is finally on the verge of launch. but i need beta testers. everyone who emails me between tonight 27 sep thru 30 sep will receive a link to our beta testing site. what will you receive in return? heartfelt gratitude.

please play around with the site and let me know what you think. remember, it's still in testing and there are a few more trinkets and baubles to add. i will not harvest your mail for commercial purposes.

thanks and regards,

oh year, what is the BJJ Atlas?? Just what the dr. ordered.


Any help keeping this tt much appreciated :-)


emailing you now!!!

Dustin Ware

thanks for the Ts guys!


I just logged onto the site, and played around with a few different zip codes in NY to locate schools.. I was suprised how fast and accurate the site was. All the local schools came up, and there was a direct link to mapquest to locate the school...

Great idea!

Dave Bravo


mail sent.

thanks fuegofighter! the idea is the motto, "no straining to find training!"

just bringing my favorite passions together. it's free for the end user so by all means, if there's any way to improve it, let me know!

the beta link will be hot from now till 30 sep.

keep the emails comin' guys and thanks for the feeback!

the response is overwhelmingly positive! thanks a million, bros...mail me for the link!



Ah, gmail is the shit, isnt it? It feels so nice to know that you have what others want.


what's it do?

it's an academy locator. just punch in your zip, a certain amount of miles you're willing to travel, and see who's training in your neighborhood. there's also a mapquest link to help you get there.

canadian and europeam academies are listed, too, although not yet fully functional. just a mattter of time before we work the kinks out to get them in the postal code function. OZ is 3rd on the hit list.

mail me for the beta test link:


forgot to mention that AK and HI are represented too!

will this be international as well--ABSOLUTELY. Canadian, UK, and 11 other European countries are posted as well on the map. However, we're still working out a few logistical kinks.

mail me now, though and i'll see if i can set you up with a place to train near you.


"no straining to find training"

I punched in 45230 and 10 miles, and it showed me Alaska... Did I do something wrong?

pummel--if you get the same redraw, there are probably no academies (that i know of yet) in that 10 mile radius. try broadening the distance to see if that helps. if not, there may not be anyone where you are. or may just be a bug. stll testing in BETA, brothers!
in any case---Turpin Hills, OH 45230 NEEDS BJJ INSTRUCTORS!!!

thanks a mil, luvmachine