amen, brother. i'll contact him asap. got a call from adrian and greg last night. good to hear from all you guys.

thanks for spreading the word. hope school's going well!

creonte's dream, hunh? uh oh. i just may have opened the flood gates, LOL

Looks good.  Most of the teams in my area came up.  There was one mistake I found on a name and address of a club but everything else looked great.  I'll e-mail you the correction. 


Looks great, easily the best interface I've seen.

The tricky part is going to bekeeping it updated. MMA.TV has a section that is analagous to the BJJ atlas but is woefully behind.

thanks a mil for the input guys, seriously. alot of ppl (read: A LOT) have mailed and said that their academy wasn't there, or they were promoted, etc. we know this but that's why we need the feedback. the info admittedly is a little dated, like 5-6 mos max, but i'll contact as many instructors as i can shortly to try to get it all squared away.
it will be squeeky kleen for the final lauch. until then, sit back, keep the feedback comin' and enjoy the ride...

bjj atlas
'no straining to find training'

remember, BETA test end tonigh at 12:00am PST/03:00am EST/08:00 UTC

keep flooding until then!

thanks and regards,

bjj atlas