I need blog/blogging advice please

sort of FRAT:
I am a senior and signed into this social media class thinking it would be an easy A. It doesn't sound like a difficult class though it appears like it will be a bit time consuming.

I have to set up a blog and add to it twice a week to get full credit. The subjects can vary, but they can't be profane or anything like that.

I'm not very internet savvy and just learned what RSS feeds are the other day in this class, just to gauge where I am. She intentionally didn't give us directions to set up a blog because she wants us to find out on our own.

Any advice for a noob on this subject is much appreciated.

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easiest way



thanks, my teacher did mention blogger was easy if you have a google account or gmail. I've done some research and blogger and wordpress are what seem to be the simplest.