I need database help...

Hi this isn't Donnie, it's his wife Leah.

(I work at a very large church)

My department just inherrited a very messy set of Excel files.  The purpose of these files is for attendance reports.  We have 6 departments, some with 20 classes, some with only a couple.  Also, departments occasionally will have special events that need to be added in.  These departments report their numbers weekly.

Here is the current setup:

Each week is its own file, and the page is laid out with vertical boxes for each department, then inside the boxes are the classes and attendance numbers.  So you are essentially entering data directly on the weekly report.  There are also 2 files for each year, with sheets for each month.  One of these is to compare each week side-by-side within that month the other is to compare average monthly attendance to previous years.  So every month the cells that refrence the weekly data need to be set-up.

I'm not sure whether this would be better handled in Excel or Access, I'm comfortable using either.  I also can't decide whether to look at a week as a record with the classes being the fields, or where each class would be it's own record with the fields dept., class, attendance, and week.

Any help would be very appreciated.  Thank you.

My opinion is, in general, anything that you have to keep adding data to is better handled by a database.

If you want to send me a sample of the spreadsheets (change names to protect the innocent) I'd be more than happy to whip something out for you..


Thanks for the help - compoper you have mail.