ive got this one idea to finish up work on my forum and i need help having someone draw it up for me...

i know Mario and TrainedKilla are drawers but i dont want to put anyout, so if you spare time and love to draw i could use the help!



What do yo have in mind?

What do you have on your forearm already?

Killa i have going down the back side of forearms Only Time - Will Tell in engravers old english.

then on my right forearm i have the letters ATX in standard Old E.

what i want to do is get a picture of the Grim Reaper holding a clock above his head (on the inside of the forearm, palm up, that whole forearem area) but somehow in his cape or cloak (whatever it is) i would want to incorporate the Texas state Flag.

look at it like this, plam down the tope of the forearm would be all Texas state flag.

plam up, inside forearm all grim reaper holding the clock but i want it all tie in together surreal like i guess??

i fuckin suck at explaining this shit, i wish i could just show you my forearms...


Have you talked to MarioB yet about it? Did mario do your Old E letters?

I didn't do the old E, but I'm sure between a few of us we can get something drawn!

any reputable artist should be able to come up with the design for you!

where are you? i know some peeps in ft lauderdale

I also have an idea for a design, Mario I already showed you it.

I'm shit at art but if anyone here would want a go at it I'd be one happy bastard.

Fernando im in Orlando actually, i guess i could just go to the place i normally get tatted here but i was hoping to already have it drawn out, edited, ect... then go in and get it done.


Shotgun Mick - whats the idea , I can draw and get bored at work sometimes I dont mind helping if I can.

mfah, it's a fallen angel on my back. The Angel will be kind of slumped onto one knee and the wings will go from one of my shoulder blades to the other.

I have a couple of pics that might help the idea I could email you.

I'd appreciate any help.

I found this pic somwhere on the interweb which is pretty close to what I want. However I would like the wings to go out rather than down.

how the hell is Mick getting help on my thread?? :)

whos gonna help with my shit??

fuckers, lol....


LOl Texas, sorry Im not sure what you are were discribeing but last night I was trying to draw a reaper for you.

Shotgun Ill try and draw a few things quickly this weekend and figure how to post'em(different poses). Then I'll make a better pic from what you like.

crap, I just remembered I told Shotgun Mick that I'd draw him something awhile back...sorry man. I actually have something like that drawn up for this guy and he never came in. Let me dig it up.

TT - I got something for you bro! I'll try and get in on here when you get back to work on Monday.

LOL, sorry if I hijacked your thread TT.

No need to apologise Mario, I was grateful for your opinion and your kindness not to laugh at my shoddy sketch!

I'm a newb when it comes to tats so I'm happy with any advice or help from experts.

Mario cool bro!! thanks man

Mfah, id love to see anything you can come up with bro...


Here is the sketch I did a while ago, I'm not much of an artist so please don't laugh.

I think it would look better if the angel had one arm on his leg maybe like in the picture I posted above. Also it does look as though he is about to start the 100 metres which is not what I'm going for.

Any help would be very appreciated.

whats wrong with the angel of the north, mick?

Sorry Shotgun I drew a pic and tried to get someone to host but since lost the pic. Ill try to find it or will draw a new one.

Sorry about that.