I need help on Finals!!

I had no idea there was LegalGround here in the forum. After reading a couple posts here, I am assuming that majority of people who come here are either law students or members of bar.
With that in mind, I have a couple questions.

I have been studying for my Con Law and Criminal Procedure finals. I have been using my friend's barbri book to prepare for the finals and its practice exam book. I realize that Essay question books contain practice exam essays and model answers, however, model answers shows what the key issues are rather than full out answers.

Does anyone know where I can go to find old exams and model answers on some of these prerequistie courses?
Not just key issue spottings, but rather full version of model paper. My con law exam is supposed to be 8 hour take home 10 pg paper next week. Our professor has kept telling us that she is looking for well written paper, not just stating the issues and using IRAC.

I found some old exams of hers, but she didn't provide any answer sheets nor the paper that has gotten A on it.

I would like to see what the A paper looks like (even if it was from different law school, different professor).
Can anyone help? I already checked with my school library and professor. Not much luck so far


Navin, it's a bit too late for that.
I have been reading your posts, good luck in your exams.
Can anyone help in this forum??

Check the law library. Some have old exams from teachers with the model answers.

Mike Yelsik

This is what I said on my first post.

"I already checked with my school library and professor. Not much luck so far."

Thanks for your input anyway.

"I hated take home exams - they just prolonged the pain. "


The "well written model answer" is going to be different for each prof. If yours does not make such answers available, I think reviewing other model answers would do more harm than good.

It's somewhat difficult to extrapolate much from your professor's statement that she wants "a well-written paper" that does not just state the issues and use IRAC. It sounds like she would like you to formulate some complete sentences and put those together in a pleasing fashion, rather than merely spitting out the IRAC formula in cursory fashion. Perhaps she is looking for some of that fluffy theory stuff that people go for in Con Law -- information about the rationale and policy basis for a particular rule, the type of stuff one finds in a hornbook. Con Law lends itself especially well to that type of nonsense!

So ... uh ... write the thing well, and maybe add some fluff about policy if you think that may be what she is looking for and if you can fit it within the page limit while still adequately applying the IRAC formula to all the issues. That's all I would advise at this time.

Sorry Big Mike. Obviously did not pay much attention to that part.

What I meant by not just issue spotting and IRAC format was that she told us that we should be able to see the big picture and tie everything together??

She is big on grammars and textures of the paper from what I heard. That's the reason why I wanted to read some of the exams and model answers.

Thank you all for responding. Keep it coming fellas


(ps, good luck)

Con Law exam wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Thank you all for your responses again.
I got only UCC left, then i am done.

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