I need help!!!!!!!!

I am very new on this!!! I want to know how to post pictures !!!!
if anybody could call me at (561) 213-0654 and guide me , i would apreciate very much!!!!

Ricardo "Hellraiser".

Use Microsoft Frontpage and copy and paste the html

Let us know if you got it figured out yet!

And post some pix!

[img src=FFAwhitesmall]

use the < and > on the ends Ricardo....and then put quotations around your url address.Brett

take away[ and ]right click the picture you are trying to post and copy the url address and paste it in where you put FFAwhitesmall.Brett


The pic has to be on the internet somewhere and just right click it and go to PROPERTIES and then copy the address[URL] and then paste it in the above HTML.

thanks for the help !!!!!! now I can post pics!!!


Not post some COOL PIX!

cool I am very happy because in computer skils I am a white belt first strip now!!!!!!! ahahahahahaha