I need prayers

I´m going to the hospital right now.

I suspect a diabetes crises, and high blood pressure.

Thanks for your positive thoughts.

As soon a possible I´ll give you news.


you got it Donna.

I hope all turns out well.


will do.

Fortunately the remedy worked fine to low the pressure, and the sugar was average.

Stress is the name.

God has been testing me a lot these past three years.

I´m starting to break.

I feel like an insecure teenager, in a 45 yo body, feeling as if my body was over 60 yo.

I hope this night of sleep give me back a bit of strength.

I will keepy you in my prayers too.

I'll pray for you, Donna. I hope it turns out well.

I will pray for you

what kind of diabetes do you have Donna? I hope you get well soon.

Chance, for some strange reason the doctors are refusing to categorize me as diabetic, only pre-diabetic - so I am not getting the proper treatment and I fear that my kidneys get damaged.

Thank you all, guys.

God bless you.

That sounds pretty worrying. Is there any way you can seek a second opinion? Are they suggesting you control through diet alone or have they prescribed oral medication? Do you feel that you require insulin?

I´m trying to find out another physician that will pay closer attention to me. I don't know if I need insulin.

Surely I need to follow a good diet, but I´m yet to find a good nutritionist (which my health insurance doesn't cover, go figure).

It sucks to get older and depressed.

Info on diets for control of type II diabetes is not that hard to find. Try the diabetic support sites on the internet (eg British diabetic association). Email and ask for advice on good books with eating plans.

Well, that is a good idea.

But I´ll look for sites in Portuguese.

don't be depressed!

sorry to hear donna. I have many health issues too plus chronic pain. Im still mean as hell though ! email if you want. Dan sicarii67@sbcglobal.net

email sent, zealot

Yuki, depression is a chemical imbalance in the body, not something I can control with positive thoughts.

In fact, the first thing that goes away with depression is the ability to see the brighter side of life.

A long period of time under stress use to be the cause for depression.

And that is my case.

Unfortunately the side effect for antidepressants and the high blood pressure is to have drought eyes.

My cornea is open now, for the fourth time in a month. It is a pain where I cannot blink my eye.

have you been tested for LUPUS ?? my mother has it and had many of the same symptoms on top of schizophrenia. If you havent requested that you should demand a test.

Well... I have a friend who has Lupus, but the symptons on the skin didn't show up yet... I don't know where they would take material to make a biopsy.