I need Pro Fighters RIGHT NOW

I need pro fighters in the following weight classes RIGHT NOW:
185 - record needs to be less than 4-2-0
220-260 - Must have at least 4 pro fights but not over 8
155 - Must have at least 8 pro fights but not over 10

I need you to contact me right now. It's Thursday at 1:25pm EST, email me at jason at mmabigshow dot com

Include your weight, record and pay expectations.

These will be notable fights for the card with a ton of exposure.

Fight: Cincinnati Gardens Arena - Cincinnati, OH
When: June 23rd
Televised: 6 million homes locally, potentially 60 million homes nationally by the time the fight has been edited.
Heavy Marketing to 4 major cities.



Damn. I would love to do this except I'm about 4 fights shy of qualifying. Oh, well. Good luck!

hey man you got mail


Got an AWSOME 185. hit me up DJ2677@aol.com


Please send me your E-mail Address,
What are you willing to Pay????????????????????