I need stronger shins!

Im fairly new to MMA so I need some Muay Thai kick pointers. Both kicking and checking is painful at times but all we have to kick are the long bags and I dont think they are helping to numb the nerves in my shins....suggestions?

Put on your Thai Boxing shorts, and kick the telephone or street light pole on your street. People will understand.

Dont go in the sun for a while, then when you are really white, apply baby powder to your shins before you go spar, then kick your opponent, when they see the cloud of baby powder appear they will be amazed by your smoking ninja shin kicks and they will fear you.

I dont own a pair of Muay Thai shorts ...Also, wont I get splinters?

Just do round after round of kicking the heavy bag. You just need some good ole' shin conditioning. I used to kick a pole wraped with a rope for it. The rope made sure I didn't get splinters or bust my shins up.

Once a week I bang the hell out of my shins on a very hard heavy bag. Now they're pretty good.

there's a good dose of "suck it up" to.

I had good results with hitting my shins with a rattan stick while I was sitting around watching tv.


just kick the heavy bag and muay thai pads over and over...It's funny how many kicks you must throw in order to really condition them...But I'll be honest, don't think it doesn't hurt when you go for a leg kick and accidentally kick someone in the knee or a high kick to someone's elbow...You just have to suck it bro...It can hurt...To minimize the pain, learn how to set up your striking effectively...Set-ups can ensure that you will make contact with softer areas of the body...

imo, you shouldn't always leg check kicks anyway. that's a last resort if you can't move. get out of the way or ride the kick and minimize the force of the kick when it lands.

I know guys who fight pro that just refuse to condition their shins, they don't check or throw kicks at all. Suprisingly some of them are very successful.

Yeah, I definitely agree with Brian and Swamprocker...Moving is your first priority...why take shots when they are not needed...? Efficient fighting = dishing out the most damage possible while minimizing the amount of damage taken....

and lastly....sealing a victory in the end...(DUH!)

if it hurts, you're not checking the kick right. the only parts of your shin
that need to be conditioned are the first 4 inches above your ankle (for
kicking) and the first 3-4 inches down from your knee (which should
already be pretty numb to begin with).

you check a leg kick with a knee block, not a shin block.

That is gross. Drink your milk.

buy a heavy bag

kick repeatedly

keep kicking.


Drink alot of milk that should do the trick

If you check a low kick cleanly, it will hurt but your opponent will really think twice about throwing another low kick and that's a real advantage.

It is just a case of sucking it up though.

That vid is nasty.

Thanks Bubble Trouble! Got milk?