I need to better organize my thoughts.

My fuckin space cake brain is fucking me in the ass when it comes to writing. My thoughts are so scattered. Starting off on one point and then jumping to another for a sentence and then right back to the other one. Gotta clean it up and get the writing process down. It's been over 15 yrs so maybe i'm expecting too much from myself too early. Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last. Fuckin aye i wanna smoke.

What did your screen name here used to be?

Eggbert - Are you writing a paper or something? Write down your thoughts in point form. Then go back and highlight them in groups based on thought. Example all the ones about the overall explanation of cock in yellow, the ones about the head in pink, shaft in orange, cum in blue etc. then you can reference them while writing and check each one off as used. If your thoughts are coming jumbled and in random order its a system to get them out on paper, then organized and easy to reference for final write. Phone Post 3.0
I agree.

Turn each "scattered" thought into a bullet point and create something from it. Each bullet could be its own paragraph or even a chapter if you're creative enough to visualize a story line. Good luck, I have great respect for anyone who dwells into the world of literature, be it professional or not. Phone Post 3.0

* delves

Thanks guys, i appreciate it. Just seems to take me so much longer to clean it all up than everyone else. And mmaplaywright, it was standup when i first joined at submissionfighting.com. But it's been Floppy Divac for way longer than it was standup, i believe.

Yeah, Standup. It was bothering me .... I just couldn't remember it. I seem to remember that you were friends with Aaron (mrarmbar2u).

Hurtsogood -
GaspareBJJ -

Anyone still working with bells? 


I had a little program written for me, in it he has me doing racked walks/carries forward and backwards. Its pretty brutal 

I'll throw some heavy swings in after squatting heavy and use some bells for some overhead pressing as I like the free range of motion each bell gives me if my shoulders are feeling beat up from barbell pressing. 

Havent been using them a ton recently, but I'll throw in some complex work if I want to ramp my conditioning up a bit.

Same. I ended up joining a commerical gym with very little KB options there. I do plan on rotating Pavels simple and sinister 

Had the good fortune of hanging out with him and meeting some other awesome OGers one time. Long ass time ago. Back in the good ol days when i had no real responsibilities other than getting Ron Johnson's boxing and kickboxing open by 3 pm. Best, job, ever. Not my best paying job by any means, but if i was ever passionate about something other than drinking and smoking weed it was boxing and kickboxing. R.I.P. Ron Johnson

Hunter Thompson's .45 - What are you writing? Phone Post 3.0

Nothing yet, gonna be doing essays on gatsby, the old man and the sea, some other shit, and then a research paper on the jazz age and how it compares to today. Was just expressing frustration with the simple paragraph that we were writing today about the change that took place in a character from a short story we just read. And Gen, you'll get yours once they let me get you again. Lol

It's funny me and Aaron used to go at it on here, Then I found out he was friends with my brother and squashed it.

I met him and PTM2020, when Gabe fought Herrmes. We all had press passes so we had great seats.

Jinx was there but he never even made it into the fight.

Yeah, Aaron was an awesone dude. One weekend I drove down from SantaBarbara to his place and then we met up with Andre amd Graciegurl before venturing down to an open mat at the rev's gym. Gabe was there and afterwards we went and checked out some art at the rev's and another place. I was awkward as all fuck until i got drunk. Was still an antisocial virgin those days, haha. Went back to Aaron's and drank way too much of his beer while trolling the OG until the wee hours. I still regret not havi.g been a better guest and wish i'd picked up booze on the way over. I was an undersocialized fightdork virgin who was only used ti buyi.g 40's of malt liquor for himself those days. Lol, Thank the lord baby Jesus that i finally got laid.

Hunter Thompson's .45 - I see. Good luck. I write often. I don't have a process, though. So I can't help you there. I was just curious. Phone Post 3.0

How curious? unzips

And thank you! Gonna get some help at the writing club on campus.