I need/want a new car

My ford escort sucks and I'll have it paid off in January. What should I get? I need something that gets good gas mileage, so no trucks or suv's. Preferably something small and cheap.

Scion Xa

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Do not get any American cars (At least any new ones) They are all lemons these days.

I'm looking at Volkswagens little hatchback, but I haven't heard too much about it.

The new hyundai will surprise the shit out of you in quality, drive, power, noise etc. I rented a sonata recently and i was impressed. I drive a new Mercedes and didnt feel like i suffered any on the comfort level except for the heated/air conditioned seats im used to.

"Do not get any American cars (At least any new ones) They are all lemons these days."

Spoken like a true puppet.

what do you want to spend?

Eh, I don't know. 20 at the MOST I guess.

I have a VW Golf and aside from all my co-workers that drive lifted F250 Super Duty's at 6 miles per gallon making fun of me it's a great friggin car.

It's comfortable? Responsive? I guess most anything would be more responsive than my Escort, really.

$20k will get you:

2006 Honda Civic

2006 Nissan Altima 2.5

Find a used one with less than 15k miles.

Both are very reliable and have some of the best resale value around. The Civic will have slightly better milage.

Somebody mentioned Hyundai.. they do make a good car for the money, but they do not retain their value very well. After 5 years, a Civic or Altima will be worth twice as much as a Sonata.

BTW, I am assuming you are including tax, title and license in that $20k. That means you can afford around $18000 sticker price or a little bit more. If you look real hard and aren't afraid to drive a ways to get it, you might be able to find a 3.5 Altima for around that much, which are actually fairly powerful and still get decent milage. (not as good as the Civic though)

I paid 23,000 for a new 07 camry. Thats with tax, licence plates. etc....


2006 Honda Civic DX, $16,900, 10k miles, 38 MPG highway

i just picked up a 2006 vw gti and i'm loving it. check'm out.



The TDI's are nice as shit too.