I need your UFC opinions please

Rashad Evans... Ready for title shot? If not who does he have to fight?

How do you rank the UFC LW'ts now? Has pulver's defeat changed the ranks for you much?

WHERE are MONSON, De Pano, Vera, Arlovski, etc? I mean, Come on, are we not trying to build HW contendors?

Rashad needs more tune ups.

Top Ten LWs

  1. Winner of Florian/Sherk

  2. Mark Hominick (Edwards, Gurgel)

  3. Joe Stevenson (For brutally stopping Edwards)

  4. Joe Lauzon (Pulver)

  5. Spencer Fisher (Riley, Wiman, Alves @ WW)

  6. Melvin Guillard (Ruediger, Davis)

  7. Hermes Franca (Varner)

  8. Jens Pulver (Just cuz he was the champ)

  9. Loser of Florian/Sherk

  10. Yves Edwards (2 bad losses, I think he was released anyways) This is just a stab at ranking them, too many fights need to happen before it becomes totally clear.

Monson is signed to fight Sylvia I believe. Pe De Pano joined another org. Vera has a date with Frank Mir. I don't know anything about Arlovski right now.

No way.

Rashad is good but he still needs more time. He has all the skills too be one of the best LHW's of all time.

I have never seen ground control and agressive wrestling since Randy Couture. Rashad Evans is the UFC's dark horse. He came out of no where and no one expected him to be this good.

Evans is the UFC's future. Not many people will beat him. Only TOP 5 LHW's.

Pe De Pano Left the UFC?


What is wrong with them?

Not sure what is up with that, maybe he left against their will, I just know he is gone.. WFA if I'm not mistaken.

OK, here is the real question I had.



What do you guys think of a BJ vs. Matt Hughes Rubber Match??

Please not another BJ / Houghes thread. No to the rubber match...and check the other 800 threads for further discussion on that.

I agree with Info about Rashad. Have him beat Forrest, Tito, or Babalu first.

155 has been covered pretty well already in this thread.

I think Rashad should fight Forrest or Bisping to see who is the TUF 205
king.Tito should fight Babalu after he loses to Chuck.The winner of the
other fight should get Chuck after Tito tries.

Vera vs. Mir should be for a title shot because Vera is looking impressive
and Mir has already beaten Sylvia.

I am all for a Matt/BJ rubber match.... after a couple years...

Pe De Pano will be fighting in the Nov UFC