I never want to watch Sylvia fight


Sorry but I really hate watching that dude fight. he has such an ugly style and the only reason he gets the wins is because of his size imo

Sylvia fought well last night. very surprised with his MT skills.

i thought he fought good also.

Ugly, ugly fighting. I can't even believe he won that one too. Did he even throw a single strike in the first two rounds? Now we have to watch more of him smothering people with his size.

I wasn't to impressed with Tim last night either...seemed like he was just push branding up against the fence to try and tire the smaller guy out. It didn't help that his corner told him to hold Vera against the fence either. Made for a boring fight...and the worst is when he is in bottom of side control begging the ref to stand them up while he just stalls and clings to Vera. He did this in round one of the Randy fight when Randy had his back. Let Sylvia win these boring fights, he's not gonna get the title back with Big Nog around, imo

"Sylvia fought well last night. very surprised with his MT skills"

Holding somebody against the cage for two rounds just makes a seriously boring fight though

He beat Brandon up. Like he landed at will towards the end of the fight. This sport isn't about what looks good, it's about what works..

Please stop enforcing the somewhat homo lust for tats and abs and.. I don't know what the fuck else you queer boys want.

Tim did pretty well last night. It was Vera who kept going for a clinch, right from the beginning.
Tim threw more punches.

Brock Vs Sylvia, Sylvia wont be able to hold brock against the fence for three rounds

Sylvia needed to go a while ago.

He came in with an Xtreme Couture shirt and a country song playing, then he tried playing the clinch game for 2 rounds, I think he is having a bit of an identity crisis.

i like how he yelled at brandon. it seemed to get him fired up which made for a better fight.

He's like that one nugget that wont flush away

"Sylvia fought well last night. very surprised with his MT skills."

LOL. Honestly Elias, you can say Tim Sylvia has "MT skills" with Anderson Silva fighting on the very same card??



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the problem is he says hes gonna ko his opponent every time, but threw nothing with ko power all fight

I'm not a Sylvia fan but his punches and attempts at combos looked pretty good. The problem is he can make people fight his style, not theirs, and that tends to be fighting for a decision.

Please Dana say no Tim as Champion!

Tim should NEVER be in a main event fight!! Send him to the IFL or WEC

watching tim is like watching a beautiful ballet of violence. so fluid and lethal. such technique and skill.

"I'm gonna go out thereand knock his ass out." How exactly was he gonna do that? It looked like he was trying to push Vera through the goddam cage.

He is responsible for the worst 4 fights of the modern era. They are only behind Shammy Royce 2, Shammy Oleg and Shammy Severn 2.

I too pray that he is relegated to the undercards until he is dropped!!!