I only wish i knew....

What my dog knows when she points her sniffer into the wind.... Phone Post 3.0

Your dog knows where the latest fart came from. Phone Post 3.0

Pfft.... She knows that instinctively... Phone Post 3.0

She knows there's a sqatch in them woods. 

Best to poop indoors until further notice.

You should ask her. Phone Post 3.0

Your dog wants steak.

Canooke - Nobody should be bidding on that thing that can't do a tremendous battle cry.

"Well officer, I was almost certain I heard a window being broken downstairs, so I grabbed my Native American War Stick and then..."

"Your what? What did you grab?"

"My Native American War Stick, officer."


yfz - You should ask her. Phone Post 3.0
You have no idea how hard I've tried Phone Post 3.0

Curtis_E_Bare -

Your dog wants steak.

Duh Phone Post 3.0