I play D&D

I do. 3.5 rules. I just had to get that off my chest :P

I hav'nt bought the 3.5 books..still have the 3.0's..i know i can go to The D&D website and download the new stuff they added..

I bought all the other books like Oriental Adventures and the MManuals..that i did'nt want to upgrade i guess.

If you guys like LOTR's, you should check out a game called Midnight. It uses 3.5 rules and is basically a game about what Middle Earth would be like is Sauron had won.

Midnight? That sounds frggin awesome. Is it a D&D campaign or made by another company?

i don't get regular playing in either :(

my buddy comes up from cinci and runs a game for a few of us at my place - we play until we get too drunk to continue

I haven't played since D&D was still TSR and Darksun had just come out. I still think about picking up the books every time I'm at a gaming store.

I used to play it. Now I just don't have the time.

3.5 isn't d&d itd d&D's bastard stepchild....

you can have your THAC0


why the hell would i want to spent around $500 to buy a bunch of books to play a game i can play fine with the Thousands of dollars in stuff i have now?????.....

you don't have to, bro - wizards.com has the updates you need. they feel your pain

updates???? explain or be BANNED!!!!!........

you can get the 3.5 Players handbook, DM's Guide and Monster manual off the main site. its an open license.

wizards loves you, bro. holds up peace sign

version 2 was a pill to swallow when it came out...because they added about half the crap we were already doing....3.5 adds some of the rest, but convolutes a bunch of other things......i'll stick with my bastardized version 2 rules thankyou...although i did write a nast ass letter to WOTC in regards to dungeon magazine publishing only version 3 adventures.....dungeon was the BEST freind to any DM.......

for me the 2e was like "WTF! you can't do this to me!" but we all made the transition..

and then the 3e was like "ok. it's that time of year?" bends over "be gentle.."

d20 rules, tho. now it's no problem to jump from the top of the stairs, grab a rope, swing across a room to grab to top of a bookshelf, and throw a book at someone. under the old rules it'd take a shitload of time even with the best of DMs

just a series of dexterity feats....

I like the skills over the non-weapon proficiencies anyday.