I popped my tattoo cherry

Uploaded with Imgupr

Uploaded with Imgupr

Appears backwards because of the mirror Phone Post

You misspelled it Phone Post

"jiu" jitsu Phone Post

oh, I see now... the way it's drawn makes it look like it's misspelled. haha

the last arc of the "u" is too far from the first upward arc of the letter! haha oh damn Phone Post

In person you can see the "I" then the "u" clearly Phone Post

Looks like it says "Jui-Jutso"

Aahh haha Phone Post

that is actually really nicely done, nice tat.

it looks really good but it's misspelled. It's "Jiu Jitsu" not "Jui Jutso"

I hope you and Lou are happy together.

at least its small enough to cover up later.

i'm just fucking w/ ya. it looks good. just make sure you keep it covered up after for safety. like forever. cover that shit up forever. it's better for all involved.

You have the beginnings of a great cover up.

I intended to get flamed way harder Phone Post

flowwiththego - I intended to get flamed way harder Phone Post

I actually like it BUT it could be drawn a bit better so that it would be more legible. Phone Post

Looks nice to me...I could see jiu jitsu fine...I didn't even notice that it "could" look like jui jitsu until I tried to see it. Phone Post

I picked the lettering. It looked to me like when people draw in the sand. Almost Japanese but not. I thought without getting to artsy that I could play on the roots of jiujitsu. Phone Post

My arm hides it well. I didn't want it to look overly fighter'ish. I also someday would like to get an arm/chest/shoulder peice done. This leaves room. Phone Post

Oh an don't start with the ribs it wasn't fun. Phone Post