I predict that within 5 year term, White womenz will b heartbroken and alone

If a woman was stupid enough and a big enough whore to let herself be impregnated by someone out of wedlock, why would anyone want to be with them? I don’t care if the kid is white, black or purple. She has shown herself to be of low moral character and makes terrible decisions. What makes anyone think they would suddenly change her?


My sample would be a woman between 18-32. Income 70k or less

Suicide rate will jump up big time from sites like onlyfans and shit. Once they realized they have expired, they will off themselves just like porn stars who have an average life expectancy of 37

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I just dont think that the mixed race baby thing is a significant factor in the phenomenon. It’s way past that already. Because there is not much religion or religious imperative toward marriage these days, people who are smart are looking at it like a business transaction, kind of like that guy with the youtube channel who goes on about “high value men” and how deluded women are. Having kids and being in their 30s puts womens’ value lower. Whether or not those kids are mixed race is kind of whatever. You’re asking a man with options to raise another man’s kid for the privilege of fucking a used 30 something woman for the rest of your life. High value men are going to take the high value women, and lower value men are just going to pay for sex directly or bang women with kids without wifing them…

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The relationships were only conceived this year if I’m right the baby’s should start showing in a year or two and I’m betting obviously that relationship with the baby doesn’t go past 3 years for the bbc

There will always be a bbc ready to smash

That says it all you sad chocolate creampie eating little cuck.

Join date of April 29th.

The trolls aren’t even trying anymore.

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hahaha GIF


What’s the point of this thread?

Some other things that would have happened at any other time in history:

  • Gays would be shamed and get their asses beat, possibly murdered.

  • Women stfu and listen to their men. Raise a family only.

  • We traveled using non motorized means.

Writing is really your thing, right?

EVERY single woman with a baby is beneath me in the mating game.

I’m a high status WHITE man and the black and latina ladies love me (so do the white women). I have my pick of mates, why in the fuck would I choose a bimbo with a dumbo over another high status female that has no baggage?

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That can’t be real? “Taking step dad applications” the arrogance of that. Also she’s not been 24 for 10 years

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I’d be wealthy if I had a $1 every time your commie ass said this

and I’ll say what I always say to this

If its so bad, then piss off and leave forever, Fuckface


Ksac is offended on behalf of the black ppl he doesn’t know in real life. What a swell guy


This 100%, and I refuse to raise somebody else’s rats.

Secondly, the whole BBC thing is a myth, just because the media indoctrinates stupid white girls with this, does not make it true. ABC (Average BC), is closer to the truth.

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Does this happen with Christian American women too?

It seems to me that religion, like it or not, works as a buffer against feminism and all these other destructive ideologies.

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Happen to them?

They’ve lead the worldwide movement.

To be fair, most aren’t true Christians. They may have been raised that way though.