I Put Denis Kang In a Triangle.. Blog and Pics..

Here's the rest of the Blog from my weekend in Vancouver... Someone find the picture of me putting Denis in a triangle and post it please!!


I'm not laughing!!!!

this old bit again.

great pic though

Pffft.... Haters!

I think you should put as many people in a triangle as possible then have the pics in an album of its own Tracy!

 Fuck you Sepe!


I love you Tracey. Great pic...

haha... good one tracy :]

Wouldn't try to fight out of that triangle...

You are STILL putting your hips out to the wrong direction. First with Rara and now with Denis Kang... What's so hard to get about this???? If you're gonna choke out Kang you gotta do the triangle right

man you kicked kangs ass!

Joke Bomber - How does his cock taste?

 Oooh no....


Great pic

 Groupie IMHO, but I'd be her groupie! ;-)

Dope Tracy,

Cool to see some Burno training..

i was expecting to see a pink triangle =*(

^ lol

ttt for Tracy Lee

face full of cooch!

god, you guys are no fun...