I ran into Edwin DeWees today

 Cuz that's how I roll.

Same cool dude he was 10 years ago. Has a fight coming up in October.

His main priority is taking care of of his shorties. Cut kids.

TTT for Bam Bam

I've always been a fan.

TOWE? Is that you??

For some reason this name always makes me laugh...Edwin DeWees...it's just funny, and fun to say...DeWees...Edwin DeWees...

 you cut his kids? he won't be forgetting you anytime soon

 why would u cut a kid. in line or like with a knife....either way not cool man

 i think he meant cut as in, the kids were in good shape, you know.

like, they were all, ripped and shit.

Yeah... you cutting my cousins, Jax, jet and Tycen(edwins kids) is not cool.

you will pay for that

Edwin is good peope

Fucking kid cutter!!!!!!!!!!

Dudes, he meant cut as in low bodyfat. But, I dunno why he's admiring kids; that's just wrong.