i really don't see...

Philadelhpia being able to stop Green next week.

GreenBay matches up really really well against Philadelphia i think. of all the teams that made the playoffs i think GreenBay matches up the best against Phili.

here is why

Philli's run defense is bad and Greenbay can absolutely pound the ball with green and davenport.

Philli's weakness on offense is mcnabb's accuracy past 10-12 yards. and greenbay has aggressive corners that like to play tight coverage before falling into their zones or over the top coverages.

also Sharper and company can limit the screen passes to the three headed RB monster.

also if Carolina gets pressure on Burger (which they should be able to) they will be able to concentrate on Faulk more which really gives them a big boost and if Davis can run the ball on St.louis and he should be able to. we could have a CArolina Greenbay NFC championship.

I said before, Green Bay scares me most out of the NFC teams.

That said, the Eagles have given up huge rushing yards all year...and won. Green put up 136 against them, and the Eagles won that game.

McNabb's accuracy downfield has improved greatly, primarily due to Pinkston's improved play.

The three headed RB monster will probably only have two heads, as Westbrook will probably be out. However, Staley has insane yards per catch numbers.

Green Bay is scary, but I still like the Eagles chances, particularly at home.

Eagles already beat the Packers once..And they will do it again.

The reason that the packers (barely) lost the first match-up against the Eagles is because they kept fumbling the ball at the wrong times. (6 times total)

Ahman Green ran for 192 yards that game.

That will not happen again.(the fumbles that is)

The Eagles will be obliterated this sunday at 3 pm.

The packers are going to the superbowl.


But that game was in Green Bay.This is in Philly

I like Green Bay in this one, and would expect Green to have a big game. 120+ yds, 2 TD's.

The Panthers seem to struggle with teams that have good speed on the outside. For instance, their game with Indianapolis and Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Troy Walters, and Brandon Stokely. If there's one thing St.Louis has, it's speed on the outside, lol.

The Rams appear to have two favorable matchups between them and the Super Bowl (assuming GB beats the Eagles).

Hope wont do it.

"shadetree, you've been horribly wrong lately, so I wouldn't be continuing the smack talk if I were you"

Hmmm,I was wrong about dallas and denver..But that is all..I never thought those two teams would roll over, especially with their respected coaches .

Theres no way Carolina is gonna get to "Game Time" Marc Bulger at the Edward Jones Dome.

"That's a .500 mark for the wild card games. I was 1.000 :D"

Congrats luck doesnt happen twice

Marc "Game Time" Bulger and Marshall Faulk will find a way to get through the Panthers at the DOME!