I really Hope AOC makes a POTUS run and WINS, it's going to be GREAT!

humanity will continue on just as it has been doing for THOUSANDS of Years

I meant the US of A… :roll_eyes:

^the Early Colonial Americans would probably LAUGH at the “Somebody needs to do something” DO NOTHINGS thinking themselves TUFF with their A$$AULT GUN$ Mini-Armory Collection and in FACT find them humorously SOFT and DEPENDENT on their FATmobile Lifestyle as compared to a contemporary Thoreau like karasu which WALKS to the cafe in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS just as they walked to the village PUB to exchange important gossip!

and still, even though the TUFF TALKING FAUX CONservatard RepubliCON Pre-BEETUS MAGAtard thinks himself ready for “It Begins” and DOOM&GLOOMS about the SkyFalling, we are actually living pretty well :laughing:

AOC threatens to tank infrastructure bill without Dems’ $3.5T spending plan: It would ‘give me pleasure’

AOC slams infrastructure bill as ‘billionaire, dark money, fossil fuel, Exxon lobbyist drafted’-----

GOOD FOR HER! That’s the kind of POTUS we NEED!

OP loves welfare and boys


Welfare and husky fats imo.

I actually laughed at this. Well done you gigantic retard…

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I hope she has such financial problems that she has to open up an only fans and let those titties out. If she open one up she’d break only fans….


I say this in almost every thread about her, as much as I dislike her politics, if I could fornicate with anyone famous, she’s my #1 draft pick.

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I 100% believe she will get a huge push by the media/ deep state. The democrats have shown they are more than willing to rig their primaries. I also believe she could win the presidenty against the right candidate.

@theraskal & @Dead_Bluff ,

if the US goes down and it’s a particularly nasty fall then everyone goes down. Worst case includes a nuclear exchange.


yeah I really got him with that one!

2,5,1,3,4,6 IMO

As for OP, I am sure that he has been encouraged by his unattractive mate to just get a vasectomy making it a non-issue for him.

But here she is supporting the killing of innocent babies:

i think she would have a better chance of winning than 82 year old joe or kamala harris or nearly all other viable candidates.

not a bad idea, OP

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^yeah, I don’t expect Joe to do two terms and have made a past thread where I proposed there should be AGE LIMITS to the POTUS position. Anything over 60 is probably TOO OLD

40 to 60 is probably Prime POTUS range

Harris / AOC 2024 vs Trump

Trump just lost to a vegetable, so pretty much anybody could win now vs Donald

sadly for the MAGAtards, Trump will just be TOO OLD for another RUN and realizing this they seem to have chosen Tucker as their New False Idol Messiah

“Friar Tuck” :laughing: