I really Hope AOC makes a POTUS run and WINS, it's going to be GREAT!

These are better when they come from your EasyG account Nytron.

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That argument means very little though because you’re comparing countries with 10M people to a country that has 328M, not to mention the diversity in the US.

You guys should support her campaign by purchasing some T- Shirts from her online store.

It will raise money, even though she is still against Capitalism.

maybe YANG could make a good VP choice!

…Uncle Bernie as Presidential advisor of course, though I really wish he could have been the follow-up to Trump

Yang quickly materialized as a serial panderer. Buttegieg sounded OK for a lefty at first too - after a little bit of mic time it was clear that he has a forked tongue. Tulsi is the only person over there with integrity and decency.

Agreed about tulsi. I could vote for her.

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I really like AOC for how she is BRAVELY going after the Corrupt Capitalist Elites and her efforts to champion the peasantry to help improve their lowly condition

Name one positive thing she’s done… I’ll wait.

LOL there was even some recent thread where AOC HATERS were chiming in “I can’t believe I"m agreeing with AOC”

I’m sure if you research you can find that thread

Those luscious tatteronies have provided me hate-fap material.

AOC says Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan was ‘courageous’-----

I AGREE! Now time to spend that $$$ on AMERICANS…perhaps some FREEDOM DIVIDENDS for the peasants!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poked fun at Bill Gates’ plan to boost billionaires’ coronavirus donations, suggesting they pay their taxes-------

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raises $2M in under 24 hours for Texans

Millions of Texans are still reeling from devastating winter storms.

@theraskal - how is AOC’s abuela doing in PR?

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I don’t know, enjoying the food and beach?

The funny thing about the fragile white male republicans is that they really don’t connect the dots in their chimp brain psyche about why the female democrat du jour enrages them so much. It doesn’t matter if it’s AOC or Harris or Pelosi or Clinton - all of whom are very different politicians with diffeeent styles and positions, btw, they are all dumb cunts whose image just positively infuriates them.

you mad GIF

1,3,4,2… but wood all at once if given oppertunititty

I had the same mindset. Trust me, a kid will change your life in a good way.