I really just disapprove of things in general.

A large majority of the population is more concerned with what celebrities are dating than they are for the state of the country. I disapprove of this.

TFK_Tom O'Bedlam - It is someone's job to influence Politicians. That is fucking corrupt as hell, I strongly disapprove of this.

Republicans say they don't want the Government in people's business and then make their religious beliefs Government regulation. I disapprove of this.

Democrats pander to minorities, but just over 100 years ago they were enslaving minorities and in general were the primary party that oppressed minorities as few as 70 years ago. I disapprove of this.

Liberals want to say whatever they want to say whenever they want to say it, but if I say I disagree, I am in the wrong. I disapprove of this.

People who rape and kill children, get protection from other criminals. I disapprove of this.

This country has two political parties that spend all their time fighting and use the citizens as leverage. I disapprove of this.

A large number of people abuse the systems set up to help those truly in need. I strongly disapprove of this.

The same system in place to help those truly in need actually is set up in a way that you get more help and benefits for not having a job than you do if you work two jobs. I disapprove of this.

The Advertising Industry in general. I disapprove of this.

People who have no real talents or skills and have no value as a human at all are more famous and worshipped than the people who sacrifice their lives to keep this country safe.

People fight over respect, as if the value of being able to render someone unconscious holds honor or prestige. I disapprove of this. (Yep, totally hypocritical to enjoy MMA, but it's a sport so that's a little different)

I could go on forever.
My coworker put the TP over the back, instead of the front.
I disapprove of this. Phone Post 3.0

Altofsky - A dollar buys a nickel's worth! Phone Post 3.0
I used to always have to pay 5, was I getting ripped off?? Phone Post 3.0