I Really Like Hendricks

The problem is that I really like GSP because he's been a great ambassador for the sport and also a class act always. However, I find myself rooting for Hendricks because he seems genuine and really likable. Plus, he's a family man and appears to be a man's man. Oh, and he's got an impressive beard. Anyone else jumping on the Hendricks bandwagon? Or am I all alone? Everyone at my gym thinks he has absolutely no chance against GSP. Then again, they thought neither did Gufstasson. They scoffed at me then too!


Bluenamers, please?

I ride or die with Big Rig! He has the tools to win this fight it's going to come down to execution. Should be a hell of a matchup either way but I'll be pulling for Hendricks.

I'm neutral on Hendricks. The guy has certainly earned his shot to fight for the belt though. Unfortunately, he is fighting GSP and I don't think he is the guy to beat him. Phone Post

GSP is up to the task but Johny could surprise us for sure.

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After the Gustafson fight I'd say I'd never count anyone out again, plus Johnny has got a proper dig on him so it's defo possible. Phone Post 3.0

He's alright I'll like him a lot more if he wins the belt and then calls out diaz for making him wait an extra year to get his belt. Phone Post

Kostakio - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crRQlg6B6Xc

Bluenamers, please?


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Dude whined about a title shot like a child forever. Not a fan at all and feel he needs to mature a bit. Great fighter though, and I wish him the best. Phone Post

He does look like he gives the warmest hugs and cuddles the best. Look at those brown eyes. He's just adorable.

as much as i like hendricks. i want GSP to not lose again and go out on top.