I really think Lindland will win

I know I will get flamed but I think he will out work Fedor on the ground
and will have little trouble taking him down. Don't get me wrong, he
needs to close the distance!


For some strange reason, I have a good feeling that Lindland is going to fight very well.

But then I watched a Fedor HL the other night and was like, oh man. So I think Fedor is gonna win, I just don't think Lindland is gonna go out easily.

But then again, i could see Fedor destroy..

I don't know, I am all fucked up.


I don't think he's the favourite, but I wouldn't be completely shocked if he wins either... less surprised than I was about Serra vs. GSP anyway...

i can actually see lindland pulling off a boring decision

Here's the thing... If he was more of a Serra/GSP underdog, I'd throw some money on him. But you also have to remember something... HE'S FIGHTING FEDOR. He's going up 2 weight classes. Fedor isn't just some over hyped guy that's just squeezed by... He's dominated absolutely everyone.

With that being said, I think Fedor is going to win but I wouldn't put it past Lindland to go to a decision.

If Fedor finishes Lindland, Matt will be the best fighter Fedor has ever finished.

"Don't get me wrong, he needs to close the distance! "

Don't get me wrong, he needs to not get his head seperated from his shoulders!

Ze Law by gogoplata

"This is the sport of underdogs." Serra

Stares at thread trying to comprehend original post

Walks away unsure whether to laugh or cry

It's a win-win situation for Lindland. If he is able to take Fedor down even one time, he will get credit for putting up a good fight even if he get's submitted after the takedown.

Hell, even if he is KTFO'd in the first 10 seconds of the fight, he will get props for stepping up to the best heavyweight fighter in the world as a 185 pounder

wow... just wow.

what makes anyone think Lindland has a hope in hell at beating Fedor must be in powdered form and highly illegal.

GSP has made mistakes in fights before. I can't recall Fedor making a serious mistake before, either in fight strategy or actually fighting.

Rolli, I hope you are right, 'cause Linland is too classy a guy to be MMA's first murder.

If Linland does everything PERFECTLY he MAY win, but one mistake for half a second and one good punch by the Russian.....

"the fight is not always to the strong nor the race to the swift, but that's the way to bet"

if you really think that Lindland has NO chance then you are a sad sad fan of this sport

Lindland will win. 100% sure

Yep, Lindland takes this one...I can't believe it, but its true. Fedor finally loses, tomorrow night.


I'm just hoping for a good fight - the longer it goes the better IMO. I still can't believe it's actually happening!

"If he is able to take Fedor down even one time, he will get credit for putting up a good fight even if he get's submitted after the takedown."

I really don't see Matt being submitted from the bottom. Fedor is far from the best sub guy he has fought.

I think that fedor is gonna maul him. Here is why.

Fedor has already fought heavyweight wrestlers that couldn't do shit to him. Lindland has no standup. Even if he had decent standup, Fedor would still maul him. If I could get even money on this I would be betting for sure, but bodog has fedor -600. I think you are all gunshy because of GSP and Sylvia.

This is a lock for fedor.