I remember when....

Training BJJ or any other live full contact martial art (wrestling, boxing, MT) was an activity for men, and we left all the politically correct bull**** at the door.There were a few women, but they were true warriors and hence welcome.

We trained for the love of combat. All that mattered was giving an ass whooping or taking one like a man: the bottom line was improving as a warrior.

Discussions about women and all else where unfettered. Suggestions that a chica swallow were never grounds for dismissal.

Sure we liked to make a little money ( but since we were true men we had day jobs,IE real careers).

In fact the dojo was the one place where we could escape the ubiquitous political correctness that dominated the rest of our existence.

Unfortunately, this state of affairs is no longer true, and is a final step in the wussification/feminization of the modern American man.

How utterly sad.

God bless you, LawdyMama.

Interestingly, the biggest losers in the feminization of the modern American man are modern American women.

The truth is that what women want is someone who is solid and stable. Someone who does not get angry, but is resolute in his convictions and is not ashamed of his masculinity.

Most men today fall between two extremes: The majority have been brainwashed by the politically correct/feminist movement which erroneously posits that men and women must be absolutely equal in every way, and thus in constant competition. Unfortunately our current laws and customs subscribe to this view.

The rest it seems are overly macho arrogant A-holes who are rebelling against against feminization. I admittedly have been quilty of this rebellion. Unfortunately, many women pick the latter because there is nothing in between. That is because current mores/laws/customs do not foster a midground.

It should be obvious that my post was in response to Uly's firing.

I want to make it clear that I in no way condone his behavior. A gentleman does not speak to a woman that way, especially if he is not very close to her. He must apologize at a minimum.

However, being kicked out of a brotherhood of warriors for an inapproprite comment is wrong. And for those of you that respond "it is a business" you are misguided.

BJJ/JJ is a combat art first, a way to defend yourself and destroy your oponent. It was never intended as a babysitting service for children!


Clearly we are of like minds in many respects.

At my original school (Nick Sanzos') we had a gal who was tough as nails. She was a huge Bull Dyke, and we loved and respected her (she choked out a guy at a tournament once). Of course I am not comparing her to you, but she was awesome.

On another note, as mentioned above, I don't promote the teaching of Jits to young children, although I am all for them training in TMA (as soon as they can pay attention), wrestling (after 6) and Boxing/MT (after 8).

The reason is that children are not sufficiently developed to use and handle submissions. I know that my peers and myself at a tender young age would have done more "snapping" than tapping.

uh-oh it looks like its staring to snowball.


If you read my posts you would understand that I object to the mixing of children, soccer moms, and real martial arts. Calling me a dipshit is a reflection of your inabilty to comprehend the larger implications of what I am talking about and communicate like a civilized human beiing. See, Lawdy Mama is the exception, not the rule. In your case skank, estrogen has obviousl clouded your higher reasoning facilities.

Now Josh, well the fact that you are clearly effiminate (Karate do....please) should temper my judgement of you. Nonetheless I must point out the idiocy of your comments.

First, I have a PhD in Political Science and teach civil rights in college. I even taught at an HBC (Historically Black College for a year) so obviously your assertions as to racism are unfounded.

Furthermore I pride myself on my success with persuading women to give themselves to me willingly. Only a weak and desperate man forces himself or even thinks of doing so (apparently you think of "forcing yourself on women" on a regular basis, as evidenced by your comments).

You see, when a man embraces his masculinity and does not apoligize for it, women are drawn to them as the proverbial moth to the flame. When a man confidently develops his "natural game" and risks rejection (from females) the way the Samurai warrior embraced death only then does he experience success with the opposite sex.

Obviously this is something you have never experienced.

By the way, my GF will attest to the fact that while dominant in the bedroom, I am kind, loving and sensitive in many other ways.


I am going to help you out here. This site will help you actually have some success with wome.n:


Others interested in this topic should also check it out


Yes that is correct. A real martial art should never replace a babysitter. See Lawdy Mama'a comments from first hand experience.

I will teach my children submissions (a daughter as well as son) because I can teach them the respect that must also go along with the skills.

Think about it: Jits was meant to break you opponents limbs and better yet render him DEAD. Is this right for small children in a mass instruction setting? I think not.

Other martial arts and activities have been watered down to make them appropriate for children. Please select one of them.

"Jits was meant to break you opponents limbs and better yet render him DEAD"

I don't think Helio would agree with that statement.

That was better, Josh....6.3.

And Adam, sorry to hear about your cats passing

c'mon, how hard is it to refrain from telling a mom that she should have swallowed her child. LOL at sean's theory of this total lack of tact being part of the "feminization of the modern American man".
sean, there are plenty of dojos that provide the atmosphere you desire. Just don't go to the dojo during the kid's classes silly..(-:


Again, please read my posts more carefully. I absolutely believe that Uly was way way out of line. He should have at a minimum had his face slapped. A Gentleman (IE a chivalrous and non feminized man) would never ever say such a thing to a woman.

My point is that the whole incident EN TOTO should have no bearing on the right to train.

I am not implying that Uly is effeminate, just that his behavior is symptomatic of a society where men have lost their moral compass

sorry sean...i reread your posts and it still doesn't jive ..ah well..next time (-:


In the future I will try and "jive" more.

However, please be warned that there will be some shucking involved.

Adonis, nomarriage is correct about foreign women...they will treat you well.

When I started martial arts at age 6 my grandfather used to take me to classes. At my very first class my sensei told my grandfather that parents were very discouraged from staying and watching the classes, when my grandfather asked "why?" my sensei came back with a great answer "you pay me to train your children, not to entertain them and you". Now, this was kind of confusing as a child, but as an adult I completely agree with this philosophy. Parents are a distraction to children and should not be a distraction while learning a martial art.

I don't agree with Uly's comments, they were completely out of line; that said I also agree with Sean in saying that a stupid comment should not effect someones capability to train at a school. Teaching is something that should be suspended for a while, and an apology should be given to the mother, but kicking someone out of a school for a mental lapse is a little harsh.

I have to run and give a mid-term right now, but later on I will post an example of how misandry is destroying Western civilization.

If someone says Nigger at work, they are fired immediately. They aren't warned, it doesn't matter how great they are at their job, nothing. In this day you should know that there are consequences for your actions. I dont agree that one should be fired for offending people, but that is the way it is. While I feel bad for uly, it is something that had to be done or it could snowball.

Everyone knows how many haters are on here and how many more people on here hate Laimon. You see it in alot of threads, that there are people on this forum (and in general) that just want to bring people down. (Not just Laimon, but anyone enjoying any success)

Now these people see or hear about Uly's comments and they flood the forum with boycotting Laimon's kids classes or if someone comes on here looking for a place for their kids to train and these people will go out of their way to tell them that someone teaching the kids is insulting parents, potty mouth, etc.

Laimon really has/had no choice.

I was going to post a story about the effects of PC but it is late and I still have workto do....maybe if this thread is still alive tomorrow I will tell the tale of how a warrantless sexual harrassment charge almost derailed my academic career.