I rolled !!!!

Erased this thread.
This thread was goin no where quick. Thanks to those who made helpful suggestions. I plan on joining the school 2x a week. Wish I could do more but its over an hour away. Is worth it though. I had a blast

you want us to exsplain step by step all those moves?

Buy Jean-Jacques book

Get some books and videos if you dont plan on joining a gym.

Buy a notebook with permanent pages. Write notes, you'll thank yourself later.

Jean Jacques good book.

You can try asking a question about a single technique. That's a good start. What do you want to know the most?

I just wanted a way to review what I went over. If it is too trouble forget about it, I'm sure I can refresh next class. Nevermind . Thanks anyways

Jean Jacques book is advanced... you should get Renzo & Royler's book... it covers everything you listed and more...

Get Roy Harris BJJ 101 video........

Video is much easier for a raw beginner to learn from than ANY book, and Roy has the best beginner's tape on the market!




Don't spend even a dollar on classes, books, or videos.

Just roll with your buddies, girlfriend, siblings, or mom in your living room. When you can't figure something out just post the question here so that it sounds like you train at a legitimate establishment. The more acclaimed your pretend school is, the more willing people will be to answer your questions. Here's an example:

"Sorry I didn't post last week, I was in Rio training at Gracie Barra and BTT [this acronym always gets me instant respect---I don't even know what it means]. I was hoping someone could explain this thing I saw Carlinhos [this guy is apparently a real guy, but you could just take any American name and add some extra letters] demonstrate...[insert some move you saw on a highlight clip you downloaded from Sherdog]."

This way you never have to spend a dime. Totally sweet, right! I've been doing this for years on various forums. Last week I awarded myself a blue belt with 4 stripes.

Your friend in low-cost training,
Mr. Correct