I said it before and I'll say it again

You fight dirty, I see.

Everything about you screams FAGGOT


I’ll buy you a bus ticket to ShotInTheFaceville.


We do not have a gun problem, we have a people problem. I grew up in an era where many (myself included) owned firearms from childhood. We had gun safety classes in school. Any high school parking lot would contain enough firearms to contest a small war, especially during hunting season. Everyone carried a pocket knife. I used a rifle since I was old enough to keep both ends off the ground at the same time. There were no mass shootings, zero, nada. There were no school shootings or stabbing incidents, zero, nada. Police were respected, your elders were respected. Kids grew up with two parents who were amazingly different genders and knew which they were. What happened in the bedroom was no one’s business but those involved. Kids could play outside all day unsupervised. Downtown was a place to enjoy,not fear. There were no gangs except the motorcycle clubs and the Mafia in the big cities. Your teachers were there to teach not politicize or indoctrinate. There were few crimes against property and almost none against people. Domestic assault was much less common. The only marches were patriotic parades. That’s how it was but we, as a nation, moved away from it and each day we go farther astray. I miss the country I grew up in. I feel sorry for those who never experienced it.


The citizens in Ukraine who are BEGGINGfor weapons to defend themselves wish they had a second amendment I bet

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As they should. The military needs weapons .

Where was this and what decade?

It wasn’t the military that was getting the weapons. It was the people. The revaluation men who decided to fight

Sometimes it’s from a foreign threat. But other times it’s your own gov that is. The fact is whoever Carrie’s the biggest stick wins. And if your citizens aren’t allowed to carry a stick then it’s not a matter of if… but when. They get hit

The gov will kick your ass no matter which gun you have.

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West Virginia 1950’s and early 1960’s - I am 71.


We found the power bottom fellas.

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Emily Blunt Oh Snap GIF by The Animal Crackers Movie

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Do you have any idea how the USA was founded?

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by the combined powers of captain planet?

Taliban (and vietnamese) says “nah, they’re too soft”.

Most of our guns are better than theirs (tban I mean).




I think the mass shooter issue isn’t a gun issue; it’s a mental health services issue. These nuts need earlier treatment and continued supervision, to prevent these shootings. Right now, our mental health services involve sticking someone in a mental hospital for a few weeks, pumping them full of psychoactive drugs and then releasing them. No engagement with family and friends to supervise the person once they’re released which these people always need until the right medicines for them are sorted out.