I sat around a campfire with friends last night for the long weekend

Our company gives 2 extra stats in the summer, to give the office extended long weekends, Friday night was triple time, Monday is a future day off.

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Ryan Reynolds Wtf GIF

Provincial holiday or country wide? Y’all Canucks take a shit ton of time off!

It is not country wide but many places have it or something similar on the the date.

Yes, Canadians try to have time for family or other holidays to be together whenever possible.

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what is the backstory on this gif?

Sure Jan GIF

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These stories always end with a choke slam into the river.

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It’s on YouTube. A bunch of kids having rap battles but the one kid in the hoodie is spitting fire but in a funny way. The others and just clowning it up.

Nothing better than a campfire with bros


Legit LOL!

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This sounds like rookie stuff, Cap. You should be wrapping that corn in aluminum foil and cooking it with fire.


that’s what we all came here for…to look at your feet…LOL jk bro…glad you enjoyed your time with friends and nature…i hope it was restorative for you.

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I wasn’t making or preparing it.

Just eating.


Hope you are well too!

Had a nice fire at our bnb in Libby MT a couple weeks ago. No corn unfortunately. Someone did bring a couple ounces of mushrooms and some acid tho. The HOA guy was not happy the next day…

Corn does not get boiled. It gets grilled on an open flame. What a waste of an evening.

Oh yeah, up there in Canada, eh?

My point being boiled corn is banned. Were done here.