I sat down and had a talk with my.

wallet, and after reviewing the pros and cons we both agreed that buying UFC 72 would not be a good idea.

^^^not enough.




72 is the first one in a long time that I am not going to buy


Its true there is too much low level product. wrong move at the time the general public is starting to pay close attention.

Crowbar has cut and paste the hardcore truth there.

First one I'm not PPVing since UFC 17.

Not paying $40 for a card with exactly one ranked fighter on it.

no title on the line, all night. lame

i want to see the rest of Crowbars photo albums..lol!

639 images saved including this one.


Even though it's not the best I will still get it. I like Franklin and Forrest. Then again I also have a pile of money just sitting by the fireplace that I sometimes burn for heat.

I used to get every PPV and invite friends over...do the whole BBQ thing.

These days (new baby, one income) less folks are coming over becuase
I'm making them bring their own shit and help with the cable bill.

Glad the IFL and WEC are on free TV.

^^^ true!!!^^^

Congrats on the baby bro!

MMA on free tv is almost impossible to believe thinking back just 6 years ago when the only way you could see it was with those huge trailer trash satellites that had a fucking motor on it.

The huge satellite...or a live event in a barn.

crowbar by crowbar...but not til the 2nd.