I saved a baby sea turtle

Little loggerhead.

He hatched and something happened and he wasn’t making it to the water. His yolk was gone. It was put him in the sea or certain death. There was a bird watching.

Homo neighbor started declaring how I couldn’t touch him because it was illegal.

I picked him up and walked him beyond the break an watched him swim out to sea to live his best turtle life.

God speed young turtle.





Good luck little guy. Amazing any of them get to adulthood


I think it is something sill like 1/3000 make it.

We see big ones often when I fish off my paddle board. They will swim right up to the board to check you out.

Cool animals.

They used to be food for sailors and pirates because they stay alive so long out of the water a long as you splash them, so they didn’t need to preserve them. Which made me think when we saw this little fella. He looked dead. After a minute or two of getting him wet he started flapping his little flippers.


that turtle was not meant to survive and spread its inferior genetics/attributes (lack of strength, heartiness, perseverance, etc.)

you just interfered with natural selection and this inferior turtle will eventually find a way to fertilize some eggs in the future and spawn hundreds more inferior turtles with weak genetics

by doing this, you just guaranteed that an Extra few hundred or so loggerheads will meet horrible deaths!

I know your intentions were good, but homo neighbor was correct

Don’t listen to Limbo. Good job OP.

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If he’s so inferior, he won’t make it anyway. But just think - what if he does? Then he obviously just needed a little nudging.

Actually he wasn’t.

It is illegal to mess with the nests. Dig them up, interfere with an egg laying turtle, etc…

It isn’t illegal to help a baby turtle reach the ocean, and the turtle patrol does it all the time. Like every morning.

My mom’s husband is on the turtle patrol and he confirmed this for me afterwards. What I did didn’t violate any rules protecting turtles.


Struggle is natures way of strengthening

I love being in the kayak and having one of those guys pop up out of nowhere and just stare. When you scare them it almost sounds like a little scream.

You should bitch slap your neighbor.

You did the right thing fuck them

Our area’s turtle patrol is overseen by marine biologists form the Whitney Lab which id part of UF. They help struggling turtles in every nest they witness hatch.

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The first time we went paddle boarding one swam up to Mrs Ned, she didn’t know what the big shadow was lol.

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He is a nearly man.

I don’t care for when people speak to me in a “matter of fact” tone.


or maybe the turtle has good genetics but somehow got injured shortly after hatching
what if a bird got it, but the turtle was too alpha and fought its way out of the bird’s beak ending up severely injured and close to death until Ned found him


Are you a marine biologist ?