I saved a baby sea turtle

i dont think you need to be a marine biologist to be part of this turtle patrol

Nope, and neither are the people on the “turtle patrol” that scare away birds and predators and make nests and help the turtles to the water.

So anybody can use their own discretion for when they think a turtle needs help? What could go wrong


@In_Limbo is on point imo. Good on you ned for doing what you thought was right but if he was too weak to make it to the water, I would be surprised if he made it long. Wife and I did something similar with one of our ducklings. He couldn’t get out of his egg so I helped him, he didn’t last long after. RIP Billy, tore my wife up when we lost you. We named him Billy because he had a tuft of blonde hair on his head and reminded us of Billy Idol.

But the end of the day, I can’t fault someone that tries to help an animal in distress.

I hope the that little bastard made it.

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Nothing to do with this particular argument, but my old man is a marine biologist. Or was. Retired now.

But back in the day, he’d take me up to campus at CW Post. One summer they had this giant snapping turtle there. Coolest thing I ever saw as a kid. Huge turtle, looked like a dinosaur.

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i don’t think you really know the sea turtle OP. i don’t think they’re your friend.

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I just went to Hawaii last month, and one of the beaches on the north shore is basically a turtle beach with multiple turtles just chilling on the sand. They are roped off and signs are posted everywhere saying do not touch, or even get within 10 feet of them. Touching them is a $1,000 fine I believe. Turtles love to hang out on the beach. They know how to make their way back into the water when they need to.

That is a tortoise.

We have gopher tortoises here, unfortunately people think they are sea turtles and put them in the ocean then they drown.

I am king of Florida, not king of Hawaii.

Turtles don’t hang out on beaches lol. They crawl up to nest then leave. Then hatch and crawl to sea.

Adult turtles shouldn’t be touched, but hatchlings that are struggling can be helped. In Florida at least.

If I didn’t put him in the ocean he would have been picked apart by a seagull.

They pretty much chill there most of the day

Again, I am not in Hawaii, I am in Florida.

We get it, you went on a vacation, good for you.

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I guess Florida is just more lax when it comes to conservation :man_shrugging:

Turtles don’t chill all day on the beach in the Atlantic. They are migratory. Feel loggerheads come ashore to lay eggs.

At one point we had 50+ nests in front of my house. Not one turtle chilling on the beach.

That is great you went on a vacation to Hawaii, but it has nothing to do with Florida or turtles in Florida or me giving this little guy a helping hand.

How do you know the turtles in my pictures weren’t struggling to get back in the water?

Are you retarded? Serious question…

Because the water in Florida is colder? Did you consider putting a wetsuit on them as well?

I will take that as a yes.

He’s just being a contrarian for the sake of it.

My wife’s Grandparents were turtle patrol on Amelia Island and we got to got out whenever we visited. Never got to see them hatch, but they did a lot and had tons of pictures.