I saved a baby sea turtle

ned, dont fall into the blackhole of replying to spjackson
he is retarded and will continue a neverending series of new arguments over nonsense , on top of each other


I am not far south from there.

Amelia is really nice. Tons of turtles there.

They are rare to see unless you go in the middle of the night. My mom’s husband has seen a bunch but he was one of the guys on the four wheelers staking out the nests.

“Marine Turtle Permit holders (MTPs) and those sea turtle monitoring personnel listed on the FWC Marine Turtle Permit are required to complete HCP training prior to each nesting season. “

Did zned do that?

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Again, I know his intentions were good. Not trying to come off contrarian. Nobody denies that you meant well. All I’m saying is leave these decisions to the professionals, not the volunteer ‘I like turtles’ patrol

No one cares what you are saying.

We are done interacting now.


And adieu as well to you zned. Be well!

good move

you listen to Kasasi Washington yet?

I have!

I got live at 5th St and Heaven an dEarth.

Really enjoying him.

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This cat would be very proud of you!

Which beach was this?

South Ponte Vedra.

So if you came over the causeway to Vilano and turned left and go up about 5 miles that is it.

“turtle was not meant to survive and spread its inferior genetics/attributes (lack of strength, heartiness, perseverance, etc.)

you just interfered with natural selection and this inferior turtle will eventually find a way to fertilize some eggs in the future and spawn hundreds more inferior turtles with weak genetics

by doing this, you just guaranteed that an Extra few hundred or so loggerheads will meet horrible death”

No. The turtle survived because it had a defense mechanism.
It looked cute enough that a member of another species saw fit to protect it, this will ensure that turtles grow cuter & human sympathy can be further preyed upon.

This turtle survived using the strategy that parasitic human females have mastered.


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Just don’t post those pics on the Facebook and you’ll be fine


He does make jazz relevant to present

Okay, that was the first beach I went to.

You were right by my house!

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Been there as well! No ropes at the time, but the signs were all over. I let one of them brush up against my leg anyway cuz I’m a rebel. Like James Dean.

I’ll go say a few Our Fathers and flagellate myself for my sin.

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