I see a lot of people placing their hopes that the next elections will oust the Democrats and restore the country

This. The mentality went from “we can’t lose” to “we won’t lose.”

And I’m not just talking about voter fraud. The riots were very much a part of the Dems’ game plan. I expect to see them ahead of the next presidential, as well. You’ve got Antifa and BLM acting as the Dems’ brownshirts, and the right has no response for it.

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Except Antifa and BLM are a net negative for the Dems politically.

Really? I didn’t see anything being done to stop them. Or those responsible for the damage being charged with anything. In fact I didn’t see any repercussions at all, other than non-Antifa, non-BLM people being charged for defending themselves. I did see several Dem politicians extorting their brownshirts, to violence, though.

So yeah, go on about how they’re a net negative for the Dems. An armed wing of your party shielded from all consequences of their actions is an asset, not a hindrance.

When they turn off swing voters they are a liability.

I think you underestimate the intimidation factor of Antifa and BLM and its effect on voters.

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To the philippines

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Because they underestimated him. Even with the smear campaign by the leftist media, he still pulled off a win. He was on the verge of winning 2020 when the democrats cheated to give brandon over 80 million votes LMAO


Thats what I’ve been saying

Nothing will work at this point except violence. The violence has to be directed at the power structure.

Because the right wing are losers. They don’t want to do anything except get fat, high, and masturbate to porn while secretly hoping someone, anyone, will do the “job” for them.

Because they thought Hilary was a lock. That’s why I the left, media, and Hilary herself had a meltdown in real time.

It’s why they went all in on 2020 to install Biden!

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Not trying and not succeeding are two different things. Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

Democrat Republican Cheech and Chong

Exactly. The Republican move is to say “the $5 trillion infrastructure bill is too much. It should be $3 trillion!” They’re like the Democrats in slow motion minus the identitarian bs.

The Republican establishment doesn’t give a fuck about the Constitution or a balanced budget. We need to get rid of those scumbags and help the populist anti-war libertarianesqe America first people take control of the party. I’m sick of this fucking “elite” class of creeps running their neverending corrupt crony schemes… give me a simple man/woman who understands the 2nd amendment is absolute. I want someone who is looked at with disgust by people like trudeau and macron.


The elections will be fixed again but even if Republicans get in the agenda will be the same

Look at who the eatablishment attacks. Those are the people who need to win. Goodbye to the mitch mcconnell and mitt romney scumbags. Bring on more thomas massie and mtg’s


Well fucking said.

you’re right. but Americans have a weak stomach for violence because they have been pussified. Especially when you’re talking about anything related to govt. I’m not in the insurrection business but I know that Americans value comfort and convenience because they are 90% lazy 5% stupid and 5% bacon grease. It would never happen. Why stay and fight for something circling the drain when you can go where you’re desired? If most Americans looked at their relationship with their country like they look at romantic relationships this whole country would experience mass exodus but again… weakness.

The strong don’t run, that’s what the weak do… the strong fight!

until libtards and their leaders are getting mowed down nothing changes