I see all these people say Tax the Rich

for most americans. but it made a HUGE impact for those over 65 and the disabled. and the civil rights movement probably did more for minorities in this regard than any social program did.

I’m not sure I understand. I am saying that throwing trillions at poverty didn’t help the rate of decline of poverty at all.

What does that have to do with the elderly and civil rights?

the elderly benefited from the largest expenditure ever made to fight poverty, social security and medicare. and it made an extreme and immediate impact. continued to do so for many years.

regarding civil rights, i was saying that more minorities were lifted out of poverty as a result of the civil rights movement than anything else.

The biggest factor in blacks getting out of poverty was when they left the south after WWII to manufacturing jobs in the north. This marked the largest increase in average income for blacks. In the mid 50’s black income in the north was nearly double of blacks still in the south. By 1960 only 1 out of 6 blacks still “worked the land” in the south.

In the south huge gains were made as a result of the civil rights act but by then blacks were moving out of the south to industrial jobs in the north and had been since the end of WWII.

Elderly should be taken care of. That piece of support is a great use of our taxes IMO. Plenty of people disagree with me on that but that is something that I believe taxes should absolutely do.

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interesting. i’ve never looked at that statistic but i buy it.

i do as well. i’m also not against having a strong military, but at this point, it’s something the entire free world should contribute to. the us is getting bent over here, one thing trump was spot on about.

I think any man with assets and the inability to hide them will be raped

The government does not need more money. Period. There are countless examples that they already collect more than enough.

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Trump was right about a lot of things and foreign policy and military aid and foreign aid etc were some of em.

All minorities benefited from the civil rights act but blacks leaving the south was the driving factor to immediately increasing income and standard of living. Which they shouldn’t have had to do and it didn’t change the lives of the blacks that remained in the south.

Production is what drives the economy.

If you have a million dollars in the bank, it is used for business loans and investments in industry doing R&D and improving efficiencies with spending on new equipment etc. Then they produce more and better and lower cost goods for consumers.

Lower cost goods improve life for everyone.

If spending will improve the economy, why is the economy such a disaster today? Spending of all kinds, including government, has been at all time highs for 20 years and growing virtually every year.

Despite this, interest rates are at zero, the Fed is continuing a decade of emergency asset buying programs, real unemployment is extremely high, manufacturing is down, the wealth gap is growing, millions of Americans are on the verge of eviction. All this despite the record spending? How do you explain this?

The "rich’ is anybody who makes $.01 more than the person who says “tax the rich.”

I hope that you’re not a financial advisor.