I see that most ATT's fight tomato

CANS. How come Aaron Riley's opponent in Brazil has only one fight why don't they mix him up with someone with more experience????? Or why don't they fight in the major events? Now they only have Din (UFC, K-1) and Hermes not with them anymore. Just wondering and plus from what I've know of, MAICON might just woop that A55. Not to take anything away from Riley but true fact. Very few guys fight against tuff opponents and people always make a HUGE noise for them.

Puts popcorn in the microwave (thank God I have power after a week), and pulls up a front row seat.


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This should be good...

I seen them fight a lot of tough fights myself included. Everyone needs some build up fights for their first few fights. As for Riley, he hasnt fought for a really long time now and I think he is coming off a loss.

The fighters from ATT who are fighting today are all amatuer fighters. Some of them for the very first time. Chris martin and justin thrift. The other guys im not sure but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. As for the rest of the team, Thiago Alves, Edson Diniz, Renato Tavaras, Parrumpa, the list goes on..... are all well credited fighters who can compete on any level givin the opportunity.


Edson does put his A55 on the line and is a great fighter but who did ATT created??? They all came here already champions of something or blk belts. Give one name that started as a white belt and is tearing it up in the big scene. They have great fighters but all inported from BRAZIL.
Nothing bad with that, but this is more like BTT with some good american names in the team.
I have always wondered this and Dieago Sanchez also said it.
Am I wrong????


the weakest thread I've seen on here in a while


Marcus Aurelio x Dave Gardner, Mishima, Kotani,...*
Din X Matt Serra*
Hermes X Ives, Thompsom, Uno, ...*
Pitbull X Shakur*
Gz X Hansen, Wisnusky*
Boca X Phillip Miller*
Marcel Ferreira X Macarthy, Japaneses,...*
Renato Tavares X Allan Teo, Beatty*
Me X Baret, Teo, ...*
Pablo X Garcia, Sanches,...*
Yeah, we got ONLY tomato cans!!!

ATT hasn't been around long enough to have great fighters that started as whitebelts and then moved on up . Give them time.

ATT is less than three years old and has an impressive win loss ratio hat speaks for itself. Most of these guys were no namers a few fights ago. The list is longer than Parrumpa even listed with Jeff Monson and Wade's victory of Pa De Pano,Dustin Denes fight record, team victories over schools such as FFA, Lloyd Irving, Henzo... all Great teams.

So really don't see how you can justify your point.

parrumpinha,, don't waste your time...the thread was started by a hateful troll.....

I like ATT... but that Rome guy looks like a used car salesman!!!! LOL