I skinned my first cat in 10th grade

Biology II in tenth grade we skinned and dissected frogs, sharks, fetal pigs, and finally euthanized, feral cats. To be fair it’s the only cat I’ve ever skinned.

My lab partner was my best friends girlfriend, one day she threw shark guts at me and it got all over my face and my cool hoody. She got kicked out of class and the female teacher thanked me for not hitting her.

Abolish the department of education.

Fucking millennials, always crying.
By that age, I’d already killed in nam




That’s funny, we also dissected cats in 10th grade. I just thought that I had weird teacher.

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We dissected Sharks and mine was pregnant. My lab partner threw up when the babies fell out. The teacher made us dissect the babies too and compare and my partner cried the whole time. I figured I was just broken that it didn’t affect me.

I think it would now that I’ve had a kid though. It’s like reading The Road before and after you have a kid. It’s two different experiences


Ive skin and gutted a few animals after a hunt but dissecting some formaldehyde baby pig was too much.

Frogs were cool.

I thought this was a prelude to becoming a serial killer lol

Baby shark do do do do

I was shooting, sticking, gutting, and butchering pigs at 7. Cool story.

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“Bounce patrol”

Hi Jeffery…